Findings, Resources, and Conclusions from GALA MTPE Training SIG

It was just an idea, still enough to make it happen. The idea for the GALA MTPE Training Special Interest Group was born in May 2020. It generated during the presentation of the GALA Webinar “The Management and Training Challenges of Post-Editing” (Part 1 and 2).

This webinar brought to light that, even if technology is very much developed and machine-translation engines are powerful, what is missing is the “how-to”, the expertise to train all stakeholders in the translation industry and create a fair ambience to embrace MTPE.

Since starting in 2019, GALA’s MTPE Training Special Interest Group has explored the training of post-editors by looking at the challenges and solutions from 4 distinct viewpoints: clients, academics, language services providers, and post-editors. As the SIG moderators, we guided a choir of different voices toward common understanding and a collaborative approach to improving post-editing outcomes.

GALA’s MTPE Training SIG was for us a community-driven initiative to develop and evangelize best practices in the training and preparation of professional post-editors.

In the two years of our journey with the SIG, we defined the skills and competencies of post-editors, investigated the current setting, defined the service of MTPE, discovered the current gaps and “pains”, matched the profile and skills of the post-editor’s role and finally suggested a training model for professional translators.

It is thanks to this warm and active participation and moderation of all GALA members, that we managed to add our contribution to the current landscape of our Translation & Localization Industry by providing a current screenshot of the MTPE skills, competencies and training needs, establishing a MTPE common code of ethics, and setting guidelines for bridging the training MTPE gap between Academia, Client, LSPs and Post-Editors.

After two years of dedication, in an emotionally rich ambience of friendship, passion, concern, responsibility and professionalism we are pleased to offer a piece of work from translation and localization people, for translation and localization people: A Common Machine Translation Post-Editing Protocol for Academia, Clients, LSPs and Post-Editors.


Enjoy the MTPE Training Journey!