Connecting Your Website to Global Commerce with Website Translation Services

The incredibly vast audience which global e-commerce offers today is encouraging goal oriented, on-line entrepreneurs with vision, and an invigorating work ethic. This has driven a need to employ website translation services to facilitate the numerous foreign languages spoken by the citizenry of our earth.

Pandemic Impact – Record Online Growth

The necessity of the global stay-at-home mandate to stop the spread of the Covid- 19 virus, pummeled retail sales.  E-commerce, however, has seen soaring growth.  Within North America and Canada, for example, online sales increased by 129% in just months.  

Internet shoppers, world-wide, began spending hours online, and used their disposable income, from the safety of home. 72% of this massive international group used their mobile devices, and remote payment systems, to purchase every necessity, and service needed. 

They also purchased technological equipment, sporting goods, videos, games, apparel, and luxury items.  These consumers have created and reinforced new online shopping behaviors that will remain long after the pandemic subsides. While impressive, sheer scalable growth comes from global expansion and website translation services are indeed the bridge that fosters such a connection.

Website Translation – Defined

Taking your company’s website global not only requires website translation services,  but also precision and expertise which must be at the epicenter so that every aspect of your products or services are fully translated by linguistic translation professionals. Each piece of content, from product descriptions, marketing materials, website themes, videos, subtitles, closed captioning, all text, instructions, manuals, warrantees, and any wording which the new global market audience will read, must be properly, localized and translated.

Website Translation Services Not Just Global, They Must be Localized

Website translation is most successfully accomplished when your talented, specialized, and frequently “native tongued” translation team creates an adaptation, or unique version of the website’s text. This is accomplished by adjusting the original language, content translation of your products and services, attributes, functions, and characteristics into the languages and dialects of other countries. It is critical to use localization techniques which showcase that country’s customs, currency, units of measurement, icons, symbols, slang, imagery, idioms, often used phrases, cultural subtext, and even their special holidays and meaningful celebrations. 

Highly skilled website translation service experts are your built-in style guides that create a design, tone, speech pace, and the glossary of terms which can be easily navigated.  They can implement a CMS, (Content Management System), which is specifically coded to update your site frequently, enabling the audience to switch languages from a language menu that contains both their most spoken words,  multiple dialects, or variant varieties of speech.

What the Numbers Foretell

Upon completion of the website translation, which is an ambitious, yet do-able task, your website will have the structure, and cultural sensitivity to become an epicenter for successful global e-commerce.  This is 2020 and the competition is, and will continue to be, fierce.  Although more than 1 billion internet users are fluent in the English language, 59.8%,  nearly 1.5% speak Chinese and it’s variations, and 8% speak Spanish.

A Definitive Opportunity

Ironically, the good news extrapolated from the statistics, is that a monumental number of global websites are not offering website translation services for this massive marketplace. Less than 2% of all e -commerce sites offer Chinese, and only 5% offer the Spanish language. Billions of sales opportunities are lost when a website translation is lacking, and site navigation has language barriers.

From English to Expansion

The global consumer needs which have arisen are vast. It’s time for the internet to become much less “English-centered” through the incredibly efficient and linguistically correct, website translation services ability,  and through our diverse, honed and experienced skills, to offer multi-lingual translations which create text perfection, while embracing the heart, and mind-set of each culture.

For your web site to become a familiar destination for multitudes of multi-lingual consumers, your website translation partners will incorporate the website’s theme to perfectly pair with its function across the cultures of numerous countries. They will do the footwork to establish 3rd party payment methods where applicable, craft applicable video content, incorporate insightful subtitling, and any necessary detailing of terminology; not only for functionality of products and services, but to also offer: 

  • Communication
  • Online customer service
  • Live chat 
  • Return options,
  • A totally immersive, positive experience from region to differing region, around the globe.

Your website translation services team will strategically guide you to exponential growth, year-to- year,  through total cultural adaptation within a plethora of lands and people’s, with perfect synchronicity; enabling you to achieve global acceptance for your e-commerce business with limitless potential for sustainability and profit.