Announcing Call for Board Candidates

Next April, GALA will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Twenty years (!!) is a milestone worth marking and we’ll keep the celebrations going throughout the year. We’re delighted to have you along for the ride.

Turning 20 gives us a natural pausing point – an opportunity to stop, reflect, assess, and redouble our efforts. And just like teenagers often reinvent themselves as they enter young adulthood, it’s fair to say that GALA will continue to grow and mature. What remains the same, however, is that GALA is a great organization founded on an amazing community. It is a wonderful place to work and to volunteer. 

GALA’s board elections are just around the corner. We invite you to deepen your engagement with your industry association by submitting your candidacy. What makes a person successful as a board member? Experience, expertise, an earned reputation for integrity, foresight, and strategic thinking. What will it take to succeed? Preparation, commitment, creativity, and a few hours a month. What’s in it for you? Professional growth, an expanding network, and pride in supporting a worthy organization. 

There is a lot of important work going on at GALA and it’s a great time to get more involved with your industry community. We know there is so much more we can do to serve our members and we’d love to have your help designing our next 20 years (well, at least the next few).

For more information about board elections, please review the Call for Candidates, the GALA Board Eligibility, Qualifications, and Duties, and the Elections FAQs.