10 Most Viewed GALA Webinars of 2020

The first week of January is usually the moment when organizations plan new strategies and actions that set the tone for how the rest of the year will unfold. With this in mind, we looked at the stats to learn which topics the GALA community finds most relevant and made a list of the 10 most viewed webinars in 2020. Consider them as nuggets of inspiration for your 2021 business strategy, while getting ready for GALA Connected 2021.

Growth and Talent

International expansion and growth are major goals for any business. How do you prepare and, most importantly, plan your globalization strategy? Consider watching Enterprise Globalization Strategy and Getting (Really) Prepared to Expand Your Online Business Internationally for suggestions on how to run a thorough analysis and develop a global expansion strategy from the outset.

To localize for the world, language companies need to leverage talent from around the world. So, why are many companies resistant to recruit employees to work virtually? To find out, watch Nurturing a Remote Workforce: The Peaks, the Pits and Some Tips for Leveraging Global Talent.

Processes and Services

Marketing to a global audience is about finding the sweet spot between consistent messaging and local flavor, the right balance between translation, copywriting, marketing, and cultural sensitivity. Transcreation – When every word counts can help you set up transcreation best practices.

Do you think that inefficient localization processes and lackluster global customer experience are caused at least in part by the inherent disconnect between content creation and the localization process? If you answered yes, then watch Towards a Global Collaboration Platform to find an answer to your questions.

Integrate this with focus on users experience: Using Sentiment Analysis to Advocate for Global Users discusses how to build a program around sentiment analysis for international markets, and how to capitalize on their feedback to advocate for global users with developers.

Focus on AI

The research in the field of artificial intelligence and machine translation has skyrocketed, and many ground-breaking achievements continue to be made. This fast-evolving technology field is changing the way people work, play, and understand data. Revisit Artificial Intelligence and Machine Translation: 2020 and Beyond for some insights, and complement it with Scaling Localization With Artificial Intelligence and Automation to discover how your company can use the latest progress in artificial intelligence and automation to do more with less, to drive higher ROI, and reduce operational complexity.

We cannot talk about machine translation and not consider post-editing. If you need to zero in on how to build the role of the post-editor, define the post-editing process, and set accurate expectations for productivity and quality, we invite you to watch The Management and Training Challenges of Post-Editing Part 1 and Part 2.

Translation Quality, an Evergreen Topic

Translation quality is dynamic and efficient LQA programs should address this aspect. They should enable efficient and focused definition, management, measurement, and cultivation of target content quality. In LQA Programs as a Tool to Manage (Not Only) the Target Content Quality you’ll find examples of typical challenges, important decision-making points, and possible solutions or best practices.

For other topics, please visit the GALA Knowledge Center or consider joining one of GALA Special Interest Groups to share information and experience with your peers.