GALA Interoperability Alliance

GALA Interoperability Alliance

Part of GALA's mission is to advance the development of the globalization sector and one way we do this is through standards initiatives. The GALA Interoperability Alliance is the next generation of TAPICC and seeks to further TAPICC's progress on automation and technical interoperability.

What is It?

The GALA Interoperability Alliance (GIA) is a consortium between GALA, longtime collaborator ADAPT Research Centre, industry buyers with a stake in interoperability, and companies serving GILT (globalization, internationalization, localization and translation) functions.

As a community-funded program managed by GALA, the mission of GIA is to support the operationalization of standards: to take them from theoretical agreement to industry-wide operational commitment. With GIA, we want to drive activities and development that aren’t possible through volunteerism alone. Dedicated, funded attention is needed now to formalize TAPICC’s deliverables and to support our industry’s tool makers and service providers to formally adopt and support TAPICC-based interoperability.

What Are the Goals?
  • Achieve functional and deployable technical interoperability in the GILT industry
  • Promote technical interoperability between source/native and service provision formats within GILT industries
  • Identify multilingual content interoperability issues within ISO/IEC JTC 1 especially /SC 42 AI
  • Evangelize need of multilingual content interoperability at Internationalization (Unicode), AI, big data, cloud, and Open Source Software forums
  • Promote the benefits of standardization and standardization adoption
  • Achieve adoption and buy-in through promotion of the value of specific compliance toolkits
How Do I Get Involved?

All GALA member organizations will be de facto GIA community members and enjoy basic level benefits. Funders of the Alliance will enjoy direct, tangible benefits relative to their contribution levels. Annual funding levels range from free for community members through associate, supporter, contributor and champion. With increasing financial commitment, GIA membership brings increasing knowledge transfer, influencing and steering, as well as marketing and visibility benefits.


For questions about GIA, or to learn how to get involved, please contact us.