Industry Development

Machine Translation

Part of GALA's mission is to support the growth and development of the globalization sector and the global language industry, specifically. Promoting professionalism and advancing best practices serves all stakeholders, and GALA drives and supports a number of industry-wide initiatives. It is the classic example of a "rising tide raising all ships."

GALA's efforts to date have focused on two main areas: standards and talent development. An emerging area of work is industry evangelization, or the promotion of the language industry within the context of global business. We want to ensure that GALA members' roles in cross-cultural commerce and communication are valued and understood.

From the GALA Standards Initiative to CRISP to TAPICC, GALA members have always been engaged in developing and driving adoption of industry standards. Most recently, the focus has been on technical operability standards to help connect the fragmented landscape of language technologies. Looking ahead, the GALA Standards Committee has plans to create educational and reference materials, provide insight, opinion, and recommendations about speech technology, industry standards, and advocate for standardization in the areas that most need it. 

On the talent development issue, GALA supports instructors and learners with free membership for academic institutions and holds several events each year focused on career development and mentorship.   

Collaboration with other industry players is a big part of industry development and GALA works with other associations, non-profits, machine translation, and industry companies to achieve industry development goals. We invite you to learn more about our work in the following pages.

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