E.g., 08/13/2020
E.g., 08/13/2020

Interpreting Standards

Interpreting standards made their appearance in the industry only recently, and have not yet grown as robust as translation standards.

NSGCIS Community Interpreting

In 2010 the Canadian association AILIA launched a certification program for LSPs under the standard NSGCIS (National Standard Guide for Community Interpreting Services) and has certified 13 language service providers so far.

ISO 13611 Community Interpreting

In 2014 the ISO released ISO 13611: Guidelines for community interpreting. This took six years and consultations between 27 countries. Following the release, several registrars launched products based on the standard, and a few language companies have achieved certification according to it. For example, LICS system lists seven certified providers. Certification is also available at GeoLang and other specialist registrars.

DIN 2347 Conference Interpreting

In March 2017 DIN – the German Institute for Standardization published the first comprehensive standard for conference interpreting, DIN 2347. It is aimed primarily at individual interpreters, and is only available in German so far. The standard covers language skills requirements and conference interpreter training, data protection, and handling of sensitive content. Certification according to this standard is available from German registrars such as docConsult Zertifizierung UG, DIN CERTCO and ATICOM association.

Interpreting Booths and Equipment

ISO has released three technical standards related to interpreting booths and equipment used:

  • ISO 20109 Technical equipment for simultaneous interpretation
  • ISO 4043:2016 or DIN EN ISO 4043 Mobile interpretation booths
  • ISO 2603:2016 or DIN EN ISO 2603 Permanent interpretation booths

Two Standards Still Under Development

  • ISO: ISO/DIS 1884 Interpreting services - General requirements and recommendations
  • ISO/DIS 20108 Quality of audio and video signals for simultaneous interpretation


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