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E.g., 10/29/2020

Translation and Localization Industry Facts and Data

Language is Big Business

The language industry is big business. According to the report on "The Language Services Market: 2018" by Common Sense Advisory (CSA), the global market for outsourced language services and technology will reach US $46.52 billion in 2018. As organizations both large and small make their products and services available in more languages, CSA predicts that the language services industry will continue to grow and that the market will increase to US$56.18 billion by 2021.

Top 20 Language Service Providers: 2018

The 2018 Market Industry Report by CSA lists the following LSPs as the largest, measured by total revenues. Half of the top 20 language services providers in 2018 are GALA members.

Rank Company HQ Status
1 TransPerfect US Private
2 Lionbridge US Private
3 LanguageLine Solutions US Division/Subsidiary
4 RWS Holdings plc UK Public
5 translate plus, a Prodigious company UK Division/Subsidiary
6 SDL UK Public
7 Hogarth Worldwide Limited UK Division/Subsidiary
8 Welocalize US Private
9 Amplexor International LU Division/Subsidiary
10 Keywords Studios IE Public
11 STAR Group CH Private
12 CyraCom International, Inc. US Private
13 Appen Ltd. AU Public
14 Semantix SE Private
15 thebigword Group Ltd. UK Private
16 Honyaku Center Inc. JP Public
17 Donnelley Language Solutions US Division/Subsidiary
18 Pactera Technology International Ltd. CN Division/Subsidiary
19 United Language Group US Private
20 Ubiqus FR Private


While research indicates that the vast majority of language agencies are small firms engaged mainly in translation or interpreting, many of the larger language companies are considered “full-service” providers. Services can include translation – including machine translation – transcreation, localization and localization engineering, dubbing, voice-over, and narration for audio and video content, desktop publishing, consulting, and more. These services are supported by advanced language technology and software, and a thriving R&D sector helps fuel progress and innovation in the industry. By any measure, the language industry is healthy and growing.

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