E.g., 07/16/2020
E.g., 07/16/2020

Convincing Management to Localize

To be truly effective, localization and internationalization should be considered early in the process. Convincing management of the importance of localization should not be an afterthought once a product or service has already been developed for one market. It is much more effective—and cost conscious—to localize content early in the process. There are other considerations for management as well.

Protect: Brand image. Too many companies have negatively impacted their product’s or service’s brand image by entering a market without a full understanding of the audience or the local market issues. A brand should be protected at all costs and localization is a part of that.

Opportunity: Market share. In most cases, localization is a great way to grab additional market share internationally. If done right, localization can be used to give a company an advantage over competitors.

Avoid: Piracy. In the case of software products, if the company does not localize for major international markets, the software will be brought into those markets illegally from other areas where it is offered, damaging the equity of the brand and making it harder to fix after the fact.