E.g., 09/21/2020
E.g., 09/21/2020

How do I change the employee photos shown on our company profile?

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How do I hide employee photos from our profile?

Member company's have the option to either display all employee images on their company profile, or to turn all employee images off.  If you would like to hide the images of all employees, please select the checkbox marked "Do No Show Employees on Profile" (see image below) in the "Edit Profile" tab on the left navigation panel on your company profile page.  To see this "Edit Profile" tab, you must be a Master User.  See information about editing company profiles.

Can I select which photos I would like to show on our profile?

Employee photos can either be all visible, or all hidden on member company profiles. There is no way to select which individuals are shown on the company profile at this time.


Other employee images appear on our company profile, but mine does not. Why?

Up to ten employee photos are shown on each member company profile if the Master User has elected to keep the employee photos visibile. The employees are sorted in alphabetical order by last name.  Therefore, if there are more than ten employees in your company, not all employees will show on the company profile.  There is one exception to the alphabetical order rule.  If a company would like to have their senior leadership showing at the top of the list of employees, they can contact GALA staff at [email protected] and ask them to designate one specific person as the "node owner." The company node owner appears at the top of the list of employees regardless of what letter their last name begins with.  Only one person can be designated as the node owner.


If I remove an employee from our company profile, what happens?

When a Master User removes an employee from a member company profile, that employee immediately loses all their GALA member benefits (free webinar registration, posting content abilities, etc.).  Thus, a Master User should not remove employees from a company profile just to make sure their image doesn't appear on the company profile.  Rather, they should select to hide all employee images on the company profile.