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E.g., 06/07/2020
06 December 2017
Science News for Students

A Canadian family is traveling overseas with children when one of them whispers to her mom that she really, really, REALLY has to use the washroom. In other words, it’s an emergency. But how does this parent ask for the location of the restroom from someone who only speaks Turkish, Portuguese or Mandarin?

06 October 2015

With an ever-increasing need for college graduates in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), demand for college graduates with degrees in the humanities is often overlooked. But the truth is that there is huge potential for graduates...

07 July 2014
The Guardian

Club football managers talk to players in it, scientific researchers email each other in it, global businesses negotiate in it. When even the European Central Bank chooses English as its main language, despite the UK being outside the euro, why should British or American school kids bother learning anything else...

24 March 2014

Beşiktaş Kulübü Başkanı Fikret Orman, kulüp olarak güvenirliliği ve kaliteyi insanlara gösterdiklerini söyledi. Başkan Orman, 350 global şirketin üst yöneticisinin (CEO) katıldığı ve Hilton Oteli'nde gerçekleştirilen "Gala 2014" konferansında kulüp olarak yaptıkları çalışmalar konusunda bilgiler verdi...

24 March 2014

Beşiktaş Kulübü Başkanı Fikret Orman dünya çapındaki 350 global şirketin üst düzey yöneticilerinin katıldığı Gala 2014 Konferansı'na onur konuğu olarak katıldı. Türkiye'de ilk kez düzenlenen Gala 2014 Konferansı'nın açılış konuşmasını yapan Orman, Dünya'nın çeşitli ülkelerinden gelen üst düzey şirket yöneticilerine Beşiktaş'ı anlattı...

24 March 2014

Başkan Orman, 350 global şirketin üst yöneticisinin (CEO) katıldığı ve Hilton Oteli'nde gerçekleştirilen "Gala 2014" konferansında kulüp olarak yaptıkları çalışmalar konusunda bilgiler verdi.Konuşmasına "Uluslararası Beşiktaşlı taraftarlar konferansına hoş geldiniz" esprisiyle başlayan Orman...

24 March 2014

İstanbul'da yapılan CEO'lar konferansında konuşan Beşiktaş Kulübü Başkanı Fikret Orman, kulübün para harcama kurallarını değiştirdiklerini ve sıkıntılı günlerini bu şekilde atlattıklarını söyledi...

21 March 2014
KantanMT Blog

Hans Fenstermacher, CEO of GALA (Globalisation and Localization Association) reflects on his experience working within the localization industry and tells us his views on some of the problems and opportunities...

14 March 2014

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, UrbanDictionary.com has seven different definitions of the word frenemy. None of them are positive. Personally, I first heard of frenemies when the term popped up as a program title in season three of Sex and the City... 

12 November 2013

नई दिल्ली। विविध उत्पादों से युक्त बाज़ार दिन-प्रतिदिन वैश्विक होता जा रहा है। उत्पाद संबंधी जानकारी को विविध माध्यमों से तेज़ी से विभिन्न वर्गों तक पहुंचाने के लिए उसका बहुभाषी होना आवश्यक है, क्योंकि भाषा ही वह बाधा है, जो उत्पाद को ग्राहकों से दूर रखती है। इस बाधा को दूर करने में भाषा संबंधी सेवाएँ और तकनीक प्रदान करने वाली कंपनियां काफी हद तक सहायक हो सकती हैं।...

16 October 2013

La Asociación de Globalización y Localización (GALA, por sus siglas en inglés), organización internacional de agencias de traducciones y localización de contenidos, organizará una jornada para líderes de negocio...

28 October 2013

Five years ago, Carnegie Mellon University language technology researcher Alon Lavie realized that translation software could provide a valuable service to large American companies that were expanding around the world...

25 October 2013
Ground Report

 In case you haven’t heard it, the joke goes like this: What do you call someone who speaks several languages? Answer: a polyglot. What do you call someone who speaks two languages? Answer:  bilingual. And how about someone who only speaks one language?...

15 October 2013
Associations Now

A global language industry association has partnered with the European Union to promote several new programs aiming to help overcome challenges posed by the continent’s two dozen languages. Supporters say the efforts will help boost European economic success...

11 October 2013
The Guardian

Britain and the United States must rapidly increase their number of competent foreign-language speakers if they are to compete in the global jobs and services markets of the future – but how best to do it?...

05 October 2013
The Sentinel

America was founded as an immigrant country, with people from all walks of life and backgrounds coming together. This is as much the case today as it was when the country was in its infancy...

04 October 2013
Horizon 2020

The focus for these initiatives are respectively, translation technology innovation, automated translation, and advanced translator education. Contribution to the projects from the EU will be delivered under Horizon 2020, the EU’s next research programme...

31 July 2013

Your tongue might be firmly anchored to Spanish or English, but childhood is a prime time to expose your kids to another language. The secret to teaching a new language to young children is to make...

19 August 2013
Ground Report

Language has long been taken for granted in the United States, not only among policymakers and business leaders who control the country’s economic clout, but also among the citizenry in general...

03 July 2013

More and more businesses are hopping on the crowdsourcing bandwagon, often using intermediaries to get instant results. But, like most worthwhile things, it’s not quite as easy as it sounds...

14 January 2013
KALW Public Radio

As America becomes ever more diverse and our economy becomes ever more global, careers as a translator, interpreter, and in making communication culturally sensitive are ever...