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GALA 2017 Call for Proposals

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Download the Call for Proposals as a PDF.

The New Basics: Success and Sustainability in Today’s Language Industry

The focus of GALA 2017 will be applicable, evidence-based business practices that enable us to thrive in the new industry landscape.

For years, we’ve been talking about change, disruption, and innovation. Buzzwords like millennials, Industry 4.0, the start-up economy, or zero marginal cost society keep us up at night and make us wonder about the impacts on the industry and our companies. Change, whether small or radical, is constant, and we wish to find ways not just to survive, but to thrive. Yet we must be careful not to equate change and disruption with innovation. Innovation is often subtle and incremental. It frequently involves introducing small changes and improving best practices – raising the bar so that tomorrow’s point of departure is better than today’s.

At GALA 2017 Amsterdam, we’ll focus on the fundamental principles, strategies, and technologies – the “new basics” – that make for successful, sustainable entities in today’s global language industry. With a goal of providing advanced-level practical skills and information, we welcome proposals addressing topics in the following tracks:


  • Language technology (automation, integration, new technology, etc.)
  • Executive leadership and operations (managing resources and growth, consolidation, specialization, leadership skills, succession planning, etc.)
  • Interpreting (interpreting service models, resourcing, technologies, white-labeling, etc.)
  • Buyer/Client-side focus (creating executive buy-in, proving translation/localization ROI, legal compliance, information security, data-driven decision-making, sector-specific challenges, etc.)
  • Sales and marketing strategies for language service companies (account management, business development, hiring practices, partnerships, etc.)

Session Levels

  • Intermediate – suitable for those with several years of industry experience.
  • Advanced – suitable for those with specializations or extensive industry experience.

Please note that Basic/Beginner level sessions are not appropriate for the GALA audience (see audience details below).

Session Types

  • Short Talks: 40-minute presentations (including Q&A) of concepts that promote conversation, debate, and/or curiosity.
  • Master Class Sessions: 90-minute workshops that present expert-level, practical training in a particular discipline or topic.
  • KnowledgeFest Sessions: Long-format roundtable discussions which emphasize peer-to-peer learning and require engagement by all participants. Requires a moderator rather than a speaker.


GALA conferences attract professionals from all sectors: language services, interpreting, language technology, corporate-side translation and localization, and research and education. The audience is comprised of more than 40% top-executives looking for high-level, growth-oriented topics. Our delegates are experienced, smart, and sophisticated.

Selection Criteria

Proposals should:

  • Address the conference theme in a clear manner
  • Fit one of the conference tracks
  • Cover a breadth and depth appropriate for the experienced audience
  • Not repeat presentations from other industry conferences

Proposal Submission Instructions

The deadline for proposals is 18 September 2016. Please complete your application using the form below. Final accept/decline notifications to speakers will be sent by the end of November.

Speaker Agreement

Please review the speaker agreement. You will be asked for your consent to the terms during the submission process. Speakers whose proposals are selected will be required to sign and send the agreement.

Submission Form


Please contact us with any questions about the GALA 2017 submission and review process.