E.g., 01/17/2019
E.g., 01/17/2019

GALA Localization Forum at ABRATES 9

Join us in Rio!

Together as association partners, GALA and ABRATES are teaming up to provide learning and networking opportunities to delegates attending the 9th ABRATES conference in Rio de Janeiro, 15-17 June 2018.

GALA has planned two workshops exclusively for translation and localization company managers which will address topics of importance to individuals responsible for operations, strategy, and business development. We invite you to join us on the second day of the conference —Saturday, 16 June— for two morning workshops and a Plunet demo after lunch.

Strategic Coopetition: The Value of Relationships for Small Companies
María Gabriela Morales (Rosario Traducciones y Servicios)
9:00 AM

Coopetition, or cooperative competition, occurs when companies work with selected rivals, suppliers, or alliance partners to collectively enhance performance by sharing resources and committing to common goals such as improving industry standards, research, training and development, or market awareness. At the same time, they compete by taking independent actions in other areas. This presentation will illustrate how coopetition is feasible in the language service industry, how it can help develop win-win scenarios in which everyone involved gains more by creating a bigger market in complementary areas, especially in view of the increasing demand for strategic flexibility.

Opportunity, Growth, and Best Practices in the Language Business
Renato Beninatto (Nimdzi)
10:30 AM

Brazil is one of the top 10 economies in the world, one of the largest consumers of media and technology, an entrepreneurial country with talent respected around the world, and yet the Language Services Industry has not reached maturity. In this session, moderated by ABRATES vice-president Renato Beninatto, Brazilian LSPs will discuss what are their common challenges and how they can position themselves collectively to the appropriate audiences: governments, suppliers, regulators, and international organizations. Join the conversation.


There is no additional cost to attend the GALA sessions, but you must be registered for the main conference. (Visit the ABRATES site.) Complete the form below if you would like to attend. Please note that these morning workshops are offered exlusively for company managers and are regrettably not open to linguists or students.