E.g., 12/11/2019
E.g., 12/11/2019

GALA Localization Forum

GALA often collaborates with other industry and allied-industry organizations to provide expert content at their events. We call this programming the GALA Localization Forum and we value these collaborations as a way to shine a spotlight on translation, localization, and language technology. It is a way for us to introduce the corporate language industry to new audiences and provide a deeper understanding to those already familiar with it.

GALA presents a GALA Localization Forum at the tekom/tcworld conference each year, and has coordinated several others as well. If you know of an event where our programming would be valuable to attendees, let us know.

We are currently developing programming for a one-day track focusing on translation and localization at the tekom/tcworld conference in November. If you would like to submit a proposal for the GALA Localization Forum at tekom 2019, please use this form and submit your proposal by 8 April 2019. 

GALA Localization Forum at Past Events

Translation Forum Russia 2014-2015

tekom/tcworld 2006-2018