E.g., 09/24/2020
E.g., 09/24/2020

GALA Executive Forum

The GALA Executive Forum is a place for localization industry executives to connect, share, and learn with their peers. GALA believes in the power of community -- of collective experience and wisdom -- as a key feature of professional development and endeavors to support industry executives in their professional growth through these focused events.  

There are two varieties of the GALA Executive Forum:

  1. Networking. Sometimes co-located with other industry events and sometimes held as a standalone event, this variety of Executive Forum will help you grow your peer network and foster connections to help with your professional growth. Good food, good wine, and great conversations in an interactive panel discussion are included in registration.
  2. Workshop. A blend of small group workshop, panel discussion, and networking activities, this variety of Executive Forum is intended to deepen understanding on specific topics and give participants an opportunity to share deeply and discuss their particular business or leadership challenges. 

Registration is open to senior leadership from all types of companies, organizations, and departments. GALA members receive preferential pricing, but non-members may also attend. There are sponsorship opportunities for companies wanting added visibility with an executive audience. For more information about the program, please contact us and check the event calendar for upcoming events.