The Three R’s in Software Localization: How to Scale Without Reinventing the Wheel

12:00 AM to 12:00 AM

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By re-using tools, processes, and in some cases, people, software Localization can achieve incredible efficiencies in the quality/time/cost challenge trifecta faced by many businesses. From UX Design, to automated testing frameworks, source and version control software, test templates, and error tracking, integrating software localization into stakeholders teams, tools and processes greatly improves scalability and efficiencies. This solution is innovative in that it approaches these challenges from a holistic approach, and rather than creating new processes, it focuses on adapting localization to existing processes used by the teams it supports. A common sense approach that focuses on the 3 Ps of a successful business (People, Process, Product) and the 3 Rs (Reduce, Re-use, Recyle). This solution solves several challenges: the cost of localization testing & investing in new tools, keeping up with development cycles, better collaboration with development teams, increased influence in source English and many others. The result has been lower costs in localization testing, faster time to market, and a reduction in bugs logged. This approach is being used in all major software products developed by Avigilon. We have been able to add new languages with minimum impact on the schedule and budget. In at least one of these products, the amount spent in linguistic testing has decreased significantly while coverage has almost tripled. The next phase will be Collaboration in the Cloud, enabling Continuous Localization accessible by all stakeholders and automation of UI string change detection and notification. In this KnowledgeFest, we will share at a high level our lessons learned, and facilitate discussions with participants about both their successes and challenges, and as a group, work to propose solutions.

Host organization: Motorola Solutions Inc.

Event Speakers

Luz Pineda
Motorola Solutions Inc.

Luz Maria Pineda Ramirez;is a localization professional currently working as Technical Project Manager – Localization for Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions company. For the best part of a decade now Ms Pineda has worked in localization in a variety of software applications such as websites desktop, web-based and mobile apps. Her introduction to localization was working as localization tester of video games. This experience enabled her to understand the importance and need for ‘localization quality’ across all languages and allowed her view her own native language under a different light. She spent over 9 years in different software testing roles only to go back to her real passion, localization. ;The following quote in many ways reflects her view of the need for quality localization input—'Languages may seem to separate us, divide us, after all languages shape the way we perceive our world, but it is the need to communicate, to connect that bring us together, that make us human'.

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