ReadySetGo: Global Navigation w/John Yunker

26 May 2023
US Eastern Standard Time (UTC-05:00)

This event has expired

Lead the World to your Website: Using design and technology to increase visitors to localized websites.


Friday, May 26 – 6:00pm – 8:30pm CEST / 12:00pm – 2:30pm EDT

2 hours of instruction with 30 minutes for Q&A

Just because you’ve expanded your website into new markets doesn’t guarantee that users can easily find it. Using real-world examples, this session explains visual and technical solutions to ensure that users discover their local websites quickly and easily. From country codes to geolocation to the visual global gateway, this session will help you improve the findability of your local websites.

A localized website is of little value if local users cannot find it. And yet many global websites continue to make visual and technical mistakes that keep local websites effectively hidden from their intended visitors around the world.

A successful global gateway can increase traffic to your website by 35% or more.

This two-hour, deep-dive program will provide you with the insights and tools you need to develop a successful global gateway strategy to benefit local websites and local customers.

Master your company’s global gateway

A global gateway includes the visual and technical elements that improve the discoverability of localized websites, such as country/region menus, geolocation and country codes. The techniques and recommendations taught in this program are the result of two decades spent studying best practices of the leading global brands and web applications.

Participants will learn:

  • The four core elements of a successful global gateway strategy
  • Country codes and brand top-level domains and how they drive traffic to local sites
  • How to better align global SEO with your localized websites
  • The many risks of using flags (and websites that have dropped them)

Along the way, we’ll analyze the global gateways employed by websites such as Amazon, Apple, IKEA, Microsoft and many others.

Bring your website and design questions

Every organization must customize their global gateway to their audience and their current web globalization model. Time will be allocated to address participant questions related to navigation, design, languages and domains.

Whether your website supports two languages or 20, this programs will provide you with the foundations you need to succeed.

Host organization: The Localization Institute, Inc.