Nurturing a Remote Workforce: The Peaks, the Pits and Some Tips for Leveraging Global Talent

27 Feb 2020

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Localization aims to make the world smaller – to bring humans closer together regardless of country of origin or mother tongue in order to inspire, advance, and improve.  To cultivate communication. It is, therefore, counterintuitive to operate with the expectation that resources are best sought in one geographic area to reach an audience spread globally. To localize for the world, language companies need to leverage talent from around the world.  So why are many companies resistant to recruit employees to work virtually?  During this webinar, we will explore the advantages, risks and some best practices to operating with a remote workforce that is efficient, productive, and profitable.

Host organization: Terra Translations

Event Speakers

Marina Ilari
Terra Translations

Marina Ilari has over 15 years of experience in the translation industry. She is an expert in translation tools and managing projects in English and Spanish. Marina has worked as translator, editor, and quality assurance specialist for many companies around the world with special focus on creative translations and video game localization. She is CEO of Terra Translations, a translation team specialized in LATAM Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

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