The Management and Training Challenges of Post-Editing (Part 2)

21 May 2020

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The transition from Translation Age to Post-Editing Age poses many challenges for the translation industry. LSPs need to build the role of the post-editor, define the post-editing process, and set accurate expectations for productivity and quality. This two-part webinar discusses the challenges of managing Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) including changes in roles, workflows, and metrics, and the challenge of training for MTPE.

The first part of the webinar presented the management and training challenges of Machine Translation Post-Editing in an attempt to create a common perspective on post-editing for vendors and LSPs. The webinar concluded with a survey that was made available to the attendees. This second webinar analyzes the results of that survey and presents its findings with regard to develping a common and satisfactory Post-Editing Training Protocol for both vendors and LSPs.

Host organization: Intertranslations S.A.

Event Speakers

Viveta Gene
Intertranslations S.A.

Viveta Gene is Translation & Localization Industry Specialist at Intertranslations S.A. Having more than 15 years of experience as a Linguist and Vendor Manager, she recently decided to combine her expertise and know-how to become a Language Solutions Specialist. With an MA in Translation and New Technologies from the Department of Foreign Languages and Interpreting of the Ionian University, her main focus is to promote the new trends in the industry, where translation skills meet MT technology. MT tools and post-editing techniques are amongst her key fields of interest.