Is It Worth Defying the Rules of Business? (If They Exist)

29 Mar 2017

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How many companies, how many businesses are special? All of us are, and all of us aren't. Founders, managers, and employees put their best efforts into work. Nobody is a born manager; we all learn techniques to be more successful — we all grow and develop. We learn the same way as kids do. Those who are more curious test their limits. Occasionally they get pushback and occasionally they fail. (Maybe more than occasionally!) But usually it is better to try and fail than not to try at all.

But is there a "right" way to manage a company? How important is it to follow the "rules"? Is there a need for strategy? Do you have to take the professional approach? Or is it all just a game of compatible and incompatible human minds?

Over the last 12 years, István served in multiple positions at Kilgray and worked with people from many countries with diverse backgrounds, styles, and personalities. He learned good ideas from peers, at conferences, through trial and error, and in reading management doctrine. Kilgray transformed multiple times as the market also changed, and not always in the way the executive team planned or imagined it would.

István's presentation will be a celebration of the businesses in the language industry. He will reflect on some of the basics (think: what you read in the management literature) but will focus mainly on sharing stories: his and yours. He'll consider vision, the nature of change (from multiple perspectives), and results. He'll look at definitions of success and recipes for building a team and company with integrity, curiosity, and passion. And he'll leave delegates with food for thought, ambition, and hope.

Event Speakers

István Lengyel
BeLazy Technologies

István Lengyel is the founder of BeLazy Ltd, the company that makes agile localization possible across the entire supply chain. Previously, he was one of the founders of Kilgray, the makers of memoQ, and held various positions in the company. He tried most roles in the industry: he worked as a translator, as Director for Customer Success for On Global Language Marketing, and as a consultant;for;several other companies. He holds several degrees including a PhD in translation studies from the ELTE University of Budapest. He is passionate about technology, and believes that machine learning and artificial intelligence will have a much more far-reaching effect in the society than most of us would ever imagine.

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