#GLAD22 / Global Language Advocacy Day 2022

22 Feb 2022

#GLAD22, or Global Language Advocacy Day 2022, is a worldwide event coordinated by GCLR (Global Coalition of Language Rights), and scheduled for February 22, 2022. #GLAD22 is designed to inspire a change of attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs around language rights and linguistic justice.

The objectives of #GLAD22 are:

  • To connect with public and private sector language industry organizations and language professionals, and generate awareness about their work concerning language advocacy;
  • To use the power of participation as 'advocacy commitment', pledging support for the cause, and creating a dialogue about language as a human right; 
  • To general media buzz around the cause by reaching out and engaging governments, academia, tech, and public and private sector organizations. 

Get involved!

Sign the #GLAD22 pledge, register your activity and commit. Your commitment can also be a continuation of your existing initiatives related to language rights and linguistic justice.

For more information, visit our website at https://coalitionforlanguagerights.org/ or email us at [email protected].

Host organization: MCIS Language Solutions