[GALA Connected 2021] New Terms and Conditions for the New world of Remote Interpreting

25 Mar 2021

This event has expired, video available

Remote interpreting (RI) is now the new normal for many interpreters, regardless of who their clients are. From humble beginnings on the telephone, RI has now taken center stage during the pandemic. This was always going to happen at some point but COVID-19 has accelerated this way of working and interpreters all but accept it as part and parcel of daily work. Interpreters have reskilled and taken platform certification courses so they can access this sort of work. As remote assignments pour into their inboxes, interpreters must now revise their existing terms and conditions to accommodate this technology-oriented new world. They have to insert clauses about the need for technical practice prior to live events as well as clauses about how to deal with background noise, preferred headphones, adequate lighting, sucient breaks, and so on. This session run by lawyer linguist Sue Leschen will highlight the main changes that interpreters need to make to their business practices and client negotiations in order to thrive in this new world.

Host organization: Globalization and Localization Association

Event Speakers

Sue Leschen

Sue Leschen is a lawyer - linguist and also the Director of Avocate a niche market and highly specialised company based in Manchester, UK offering legal and business French interpreting and translation services. Avocate also offers professional skills training and mentoring services to freelance language professionals whether they are individuals or groups as well as bespoke (UK) legal terminology and legal English sessions to lawyers and business people and legal and language examination candidates. Sue is a member of the Council (governing body) of the Chartered Institute of Linguists and also sits on the Steering Groups of their Interpreting Division and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee. She is also a member of the Professional Conduct Committees of the National Register of Public Service Interpreters and of the National Registers of Communication Professionals Working with Deaf and Deaf blind People (UK)