[GALA Connected 2021] From LSP to Next-Gen Product and AI Service Provider: Founders Speak

23 Mar 2021

This event has expired, video available

In the past year, many mid-sized language services companies have created machine translation groups and hired developers, effectively becoming software companies. This talk will summarize in a concise way the most successful moves by LSPs to get into the next generation of business. We'll combine stories from Summa Linguae Technologies, Venga, Pangeanic and others with expert moderator insights from Konstantin Dranch.

Host organization: Globalization and Localization Association

Event Speakers

Konstantin Dranch

Konstantin Dranch is a researcher in the translation and localization industry and the founder of translationrating.com. He held various roles, including a marketing management position, a technology consultant, and a conference organizer for national trade shows TFR and UTIC.

Kåre Lindahl
Venga Global

Raised in Sweden, Kåre lived in the UK for 10 years before relocating to the US to join the IT boom in Silicon Valley. With over 20 years experience in high-tech gained by serving in executive roles within companies such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Hogia, Kåre is now CEO of Venga Global, a specialized full-service translation and localization company working with some of the biggest names in technology brands. Follow Kåre @karelindahl.

Jane Nemcova

Recently served as Managing Director of Lionbridge AI until May 2020 (Lionbridge AI was acquired in 2020 for $935M) . Currently developing an AI startup, serving as COO, as well as advising AI data companies, and creating a new AI curriculum for language translation graduate students. Expert in Artificial Intelligence, Language and Data Support operations and successful strategies for enhancing global social impact strategies in the area of text, speech, imaging, geo and search.

Krzysztof Zdanowski
Summa Linguae Technologies

Krzysztof Zdanowski is an entrepreneur. He grew up in a Polish-Canadian family, studied and graduated from the Tischner European University in Poland and the European University of Rome in Italy. In 2009 he built his first business – now, with annual revenue exceeding USD 25m, one of the top100 largest multilingual data management providers in the world. As CEO of Summa Linguae Technologies, he has developed a unique business model based on a combination of organic growth and M&A strategy. He took the company public (SUL, Warsaw Stock Exchange), raised multiple angel and PE equity and debt rounds (USD 30m+) and managed a number of mergers and acquisitions (Poland, India, Romania, Scandinavia, USA and Canada). Krzysztof is fascinated by processes of innovation in cultural and business environments. He has invested and advised in 30+ equity/debt projects. Krzysztof frequently keynotes conferences and has been a mentor, panelist and speaker at 100+ events. Essentially, Krzysztof is an entrepreneur, investor and a licensed airplane pilot. He is also an active long-distance runner.

Manuel Herranz

MIT in Entrepreneurship, Manuel worked for major automobile manufacturers and power co-generation in the UK in the 90’s with postings in Argentina, Mexico and his native Spain. His background in machine translation comes from his mission to automate language processes for B.I Corp., the Japanese corporation for which he was European Director from 1998-2005. He has traveled to Japan and China extensively. Since 2009, he has focused on the development of Natural Language Processing technologies to provide process automation and true value to clients. A frequent speaker at industry events, Manuel’s areas of interest cover statistics, deep neural networks, adaptive technologies, pattern recognition and deep learning applied to Natural Language Processing. His interest in data acquisition led him to make of Pangeanic a founding member of TAUS and data-sharing initiatives. Manuel is also committed to supporting NGO actions like the Malima Project for primary education in Central Africa, as well as Translators Without Borders, medical research into rare diseases and sports events. Manuel is a double graduate from Manchester University.