[GALA Connected 2021] The Case for Spoken Translation

23 Mar 2021

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Beyond its generic meaning, translation refers to the written translation of written documents; interpreting, to the spoken translation of spoken language. Surprisingly, this leaves a big gap: there is no well established practice for the spoken translation of written text. In a world where literacy and access to education is not evenly distributed, the lack of authoritative information in spoken form leaves the door wide open to misinformation. Put positively, spoken translation of written text is one of today's major untapped opportunities to reach global audiences. Technology holds the promise to seize that opportunity ... one day. In the meantime, solutions that are not purely technology-driven can bridge the gap. In this session we will present a concerted effort by several language industry actors to help establish that missing practice of spoken translation. We will introduce the new non-commercial reference implementation of a speech translation memory system that we hope will become a global library of spoken sentences to which anyone can contribute and which anyone can use to generate spoken versions of written texts.

Host organization: World Health Organization

Event Speakers

Mirko Plitt
World Health Organization

Multilingual Systems Expert at the World Health Organization's new WHO Academy. Former Head of Technology at Translators without Borders. Previously various language technology management roles at Autodesk

AK Rahim

Independent research consultant, focusing on language challenges in developing nations