[GALA Connected 2021: Bounce Forward] Standards, Standards, Standards! The Latest Developments in American and International Standards

05 Oct 2021

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The COVID—19 pandemic has driven massive innovation in the interpreting part of the language industry, with a rapid pivot to virtual delivery of all kinds of interpreting services. At the same time, NMT and other bog-data innovations continue to disrupt the translation and localization sectors. How are standards bodies keeping up? A panel of distinguished leaders in American and International Standards discusses the latest developments, including efforts to develop a standard for virtual/distance interpreting, the degree to which existing technology standards (e.g., ISO 21549) are observed by major players in virtual interpreting, advances in quantitative and qualitative quality measurement standards for translation, under development at ASTM based on MQM and LQA, and at ISO (ISO 5060), as well as revisions to ISO 11669, which sets standards for translation specifications. In addition, key infrastructure standards such as TBX have recently been revised.

In an interactive format, the current chair of ASTM F43, Technical Committee on Language Services and Products, Ms. Kathleen Diamond, Chair of the US Technical Advisory Group to ISO/TC 37/SC 5, Translation, Interpreting, and Related Technologies, Ms. Giovanna Carriero-Contreras, MIIS faculty member and Secretary of ASTM F43, Dr. Alaina Brandt, US TAG to TC 37 Secretary Dr. Bill Rivers, and noted expert on TBX, MQM, and translation specifications, Dr. Alan Melby, engage with audience members to provide concise updates on the standards, and to receive feedback on further standardization needs.

Host organization: WP Rivers & Associates

Event Speakers

Bill Rivers
WP Rivers & Associates

Dr. Bill Rivers, Principal, WP Rivers & Associates: Dr. Bill Rivers has more than 30 years’ experience in language advocacy and capacity at the national level in the US, with significant experience in culture and language for economic development and national security, and publications in second and third language acquisition research, proficiency assessment, program evaluation, and language policy development and advocacy. He has worked as an interpreter and translator (EnglishRussian), has taught Russian from beginning through graduate levels, served for nine years as a contractor in the IC (Center for Advanced Study of Language at the University of Maryland, and Chief Linguist, National Language Service Corps). Dr. Rivers was the CTO of an Arlington, Virginia company, Integrated Training Solutions, for five years, and Executive Director of a non-profit advocacy association, the Joint National Committee for Languages, for eight years.

Giovanna Carriero-Contreras
Cesco Linguistic Services, Inc.

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Kathleen Diamond

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Alaina Brandt
Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey

Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in the Translation and Localization Management program at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey; Membership Secretary of ASTM International Technical Committee F43 on Language Services and Products; Director on the board of the American Translators Association

Alan Melby
Brigham Young University

Alan K. Melby is Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at Brigham Young University, where he is also the associate director of the Translation Research Group. He is active in ISO Technical Committee 37 and the American Translators Association. He is also Vice-President of the International Federation of Translators (FIT). His interest in translation technology dates back to 1970, when he started working on machine translation. Later, his interests have expanded to tools for human translators, philosophy of language, and translation-related standards.

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