GALA Academy Q3 2024 - HR Strategy Essentials: Constructing the Blueprint for Success

03 Sep 2024 to 24 Sep 2024
07:00 AM to 08:00 AM
Pacific Standard Time (Mexico) (UTC-08:00)

Members: $175
Non-Members: $295

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Raise your HR game with Gala Academy's "HR Strategy Essentials: Constructing the Blueprint for Success," a workshop series designed to enhance your HR practices. Featuring HR experts and hands-on activities, this series will provide you with actionable insights to align your HR goals with your company's vision, master talent management, upskill employees, and improve internal communications.

Beginning with strategic HR planning, the workshop will guide you through assessing your current practices, conducting a needs analysis, and creating a strategic HR plan. Learn how to identify key performance indicators (KPIs), make a compelling business case for HR initiatives, and secure a strong seat at the executive table.

As the series progresses, explore talent management, training, upskilling, and effective communication within your organization. Participate in breakout sessions and discussions on recruiting strategies, onboarding, mentorship programs, and navigating the complexities of remote work.

This event is for:  
  • Management/Leadership
  • HR professionals in our industry
  • And company owners (likely small-medium sized companies as we will talk about very budget-friendly HR initiatives they can do without a large team/budget)

This event is led by Nicole Spyt-James (Director of People Operations, Avantpage) and Natalia Quintás ( Chief People Officer, Terra Translations)

The Program

Session 1 – Strategic HR Planning: Crafting the Future of Your Workforce
03 September 2024 - From 7 am PT to 8:30 am PDT (4 pm CEST - 5:30 pm CET)

(This event is available globally. See the World Clock Meeting Planner to check your local time.)

In this session, we will discuss how to assess your current HR practices by conducting employee surveys and comparing the results to identify strategic gaps. You will gain skills in conducting needs assessments to identify specific HR improvements aligned with business goals. By the end of the session, you will be able to align your HR goals with broader business objectives, develop an annual HR plan that integrates survey results and long-term goals, define measurable KPIs, and build a compelling business case for HR initiatives. This session is designed to provide HR professionals with tools for effective workforce planning and organizational development to enhance their strategic role.

Session 2 – Talent Management Mastery: Attract, Retain, and Thrive
10 September 2024 - From 7 am PT to 8:30 am PDT (4 pm CEST - 5:30 pm CET)

In this Talent Session, we will define what "talent" means in our business context and align it with our strategic goals. We'll refine our talent review process to effectively assess performance and potential. Discussions will focus on proven retention strategies, including fostering a supportive environment and offering competitive benefits. We'll also explore proactive development approaches to enhance skills and readiness for future challenges.

By the end of the session, participants will understand how to strategically manage and develop talent within our organization to ensure alignment with business objectives and strengthen our competitive position in the marketplace.

Guest expert: Paula McGrath

Session 3 – Empower and Elevate: Advanced Training and Upskilling Techniques
17 September 2024 - From 7 am PT to 8:30 am PDT (4 pm CEST - 5:30 pm)

In this session, we will explore key strategies for improving employee development. This includes creating robust onboarding strategies to seamlessly integrate new hires and maximize their initial impact. We'll discuss effective upskilling initiatives aimed at continuously improving the skills of your workforce to remain competitive and adaptable. In addition, we'll discuss methods for assessing and filling skills gaps across the organization to ensure we are strategically aligning our talent with current and future business needs.

Participants will gain practical insights into how to streamline onboarding processes, promote continuous learning, cultivate mentoring opportunities, and strategically develop our workforce for sustainable business success.

Guest expert: Jan Hinrichs, Beluga Linguistics

Session 4 – Effective Communication: The Secret Weapon for Organizational Success
24 September 2024 - From 7 am PT to 8:30 am PDT (4 pm CEST - 5:30 pm CET)

In our final session, we will focus on aligning communication practices with our mission, vision, and values. We'll explore the effective use of internal communication tools and strategies for balancing formal and informal communication styles. Discussions will include improving interdepartmental communication, managing difficult conversations and underperformers, sensitively addressing cultural friction, and facilitating meaningful career discussions.

In addition, we'll examine communication challenges and strategies specific to remote work environments to ensure that our communication practices support collaboration, engagement, and alignment with organizational goals in both physical and virtual environments.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation requests should be emailed to [email protected]. Cancellations received before the first day of the session will receive a full refund. No refunds will be issued after the first day of the session, nor for no-shows. Substitutions are welcome prior to the first day of the session.

Host organization: Globalization and Localization Association

Event Speakers

Nicole Spyt-James
Avantpage, Inc.

Deeply rooted in the philosophy that we are all people first, my focus is to bring stability, ease, growth, values, and an inclusive and efficient culture to my role as Director of People Operations at Avantpage. In my role, I have full oversight of three critical company functions; Finance, HR, and Administration. Working in these three crucial departments allows me to be a driver of company growth and stability, establish our culture through living our values, and developing all of our amazing team members to lead to our collective and individual sucess!

Natalia Quintás
Terra Translations

I am a Psychology and HR professional with more than 20 years of experience in team management within the corporate world. I have been with Terra since 2014, leading the HR department and taking on exciting challenges in this great place to work e-mail: [email protected] WEB: Linkedin:

Jan Hinrichs

Jan Hinrichs is the founder and CEO of Beluga, a European-based translation company that powers scale-ups and global organizations with strong translation and localization teams to run smoothly in over 40 languages. He is also a professional multitasker — especially when participating in online conferences while walking the dogs. Jan is the father of the @LocLunch community to power conversation and knowledge sharing in and around the translation, localization, and globalization industry. He is also studying about carbon removal and carbon credits.