A Fireside Chat with Cultural Intelligence Experts Danielle Marcos & Jeff Beatty

10 Dec 2020 08:00 AM to 09:00 AM
Pacific Standard Time (Mexico) (UTC-08:00)

This event has expired, video available

Cultural intelligence is a soft skill that can be learned, measured and therefore improved. No two humans are culturally the same. Developing a high level of cultural intelligence improves your ability to prepare for and act effectively in culturally diverse environments. Join GALA for a fireside chat with cultural intelligence experts Danielle Marcos and Jeff Beatty as they share their personal experiences with incorporating CQ capabilities into the interdisciplinary world of globalization.

Host organization: Tableau Software

Event Speakers

Danielle Marcos

Danielle G. Marcos is a Program Manager for the Global Customer Solution Readiness team at Tableau, a Salesforce company as well as an instructor of the Certificate in Localization: Customizing Software for the World for the University of Washington. Tableau helps people see and understand data, and Salesforce helps people engage and understand customers. She holds an M.A. in Translation and Intercultural Communication from the Universidad de Salamanca. Most recently she has been leveraging her Advance CQ facilitation skills to;help others build brand resilience through cultural awareness.;

Jeff Beatty
Mozilla Corporation

Jeff Beatty is the senior head of localization at Mozilla, the makers of the open source web browser Firefox, as well as an Adjunct Faculty member at Brigham Young University. He holds an MS in multilingual computing and localization from the University of Limerick. He has also been featured as a community and localization expert in prominent global publications.