To Beat the Devil – Five Powerful Automation Skills and How You Can Get Them

12:00 AM to 12:00 AM

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There is a lot of buzz around platforms and automation, and the functionalities available are impressive. Making them fit in your business and processes is many times a whole other story – especially if you are a small or mid-sized company. When it comes to making the tools and platforms work together the way that you want them to, there are things you just can’t buy, or maybe just shouldn’t. With its base in a strategic view on automation, this session will share a hands-on perspective on powerful, scalable and surprisingly accessible automation skills. The focus here is on operations, rather than IT, and empowering your operations team with this set of skills will at worst lower costs and increase efficiency, but potentially also transform your value proposition and business processes. Drawing on experiences from driving change and digitalization in a Scandinavian LSP, Henrik Sundberg will share insights on working process-oriented and strategically with process automation with next to no budget. The talk will center on practical core automation skills: what they are good for, how you get them into your organization and, once you got them, possible ways of putting them in a strategical perspective. Attendees will take away tools for their automation toolbox, primarily on the practical side of things, but also conceptual ones. The end goal being making the parts of your processes work more efficient and making your organization more capable of reaping benefits of new tech and solutions in your processes.

Host organization: GLOBALscandinavia

Event Speakers

Henrik Kühnemann

Henrik Kühnemann is Head of Production at GLOBALscandinavia Group and finds great pleasure in automating boring stuff, making it possible for humans to shine. He manages a team of 14 humans and 3 bots.

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