Artificial Intelligence and Machine Translation: 2020 and Beyond

12:00 AM to 12:00 AM

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2019 brought many advances in language-related Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Translation (MT). MT and more broadly natural language processing have become essential parts of the global technological leadership race in AI. Research in this area has skyrocketed, and many ground-breaking achievements continue to be made. This fast-evolving technology field is changing the way people work, play, and understand data.

Join Omniscien's Chief Scientist Professor Philipp Koehn, a leading researcher in the field of AI and MT, along with Dion Wiggins, Omniscien’s CTO, for an hour of information sharing and insights on what the rest of 2020 and beyond will likely bring. We will look at trends in Neural Machine Translation, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Text Analytics, and more. We will also talk to Philipp about his new book "Neural Machine Translation" which was released in June 2020. 

Host organization: Omniscien Technologies

Event Speakers

Dion Wiggins
Omniscien Technologies

Dion Wiggins, Omniscien Technologies' CTO and Co-Founder, is;a highly experienced ICT industry visionary, entrepreneur, analyst and consultant. He has comprehensive knowledge in the fields of software development, architecture and management, as well as an in-depth understanding of Asian ICT markets. He is an accomplished speaker and has a high media profile for his perceptive analysis of ICT in Asia Pacific. Previously Dion was Vice President and Research Director for Gartner based in Hong Kong, where his research reports on ICT in China had a crucial impact on how the world views this market. Dion is also a well-known pioneer of the Asian Internet Industry, being the founder of one of Asia's first ever ISPs (Asia Online in Hong Kong). In his role as consultant, Dion advised literally hundreds of enterprises on their ICT strategy.

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