GALA Connected 2021

2020 has encouraged us all to find new ways of working, socializing, and creating community. Despite the rapid change, GALA remains committed to serving the global language community in ways that suit these new needs. The online format of the GALA Connected conference allows for wider engagement with more industry players in an interactive and inclusive setting. Without the barriers of cost and travel, we can welcome a diverse audience and invite new perspectives. We have important topics to discuss, and we want you in the conversation. Join us! 

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GALA would like to thank our Program Committee for their efforts in developing the educational program for GALA Connected 2021. 

(R)evolutions Unfolding: How Digital Acceleration is Impacting the Global Language Industry

It is indisputable that the global pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, setting off a “go digital or go dark” approach to business. From omnichannel commerce to digital content consumption, from remote learning and working to digital health solutions, nearly every industry has been impacted.

As an essential cog in the global business machine, the language industry is right in the middle of the transformation. At GALA Connected 2021, we will explore the impacts of the digital acceleration on the global language industry specifically, looking at it from several different angles based on the trends we have observed over the last year.

Tracks are designed to be inclusive and cross-functional. Please keep in mind our diverse audience which includes translation, localization, and interpreting professionals serving in a variety of roles and organizations.

  • The Global-first (R)evolution: The impact of digital acceleration in localization and global communications operations at global enterprises
    • Example: agile content workflows, rise of video content, importance of iSEO; our industry as an enabler of global business; shifting to a more strategic role from the get-go
  • The Service and Solution (R)evolution: The impact of digital acceleration on service and product offerings across the global language industry
    • Example: post-pandemic models: diversify, specialize, contract, merge; what S&S are required by evolving global businesses?
  • The Supply Chain (R)evolution: The impact of digital acceleration on the supply chain
    • Example: changes to structure and management
  • The Talent Development (R)evolution: The impact of digital acceleration on the talent required to succeed in the global language industry
    • Example: employability of graduates, future-proofing skillsets, reskilling or upskilling
  • The Technology (R)evolution: The impact of digital acceleration on the technology landscape
    • Example: interpreting technologies, video, next-gen MT, AI, voice technologies
  • The Workplace (R)evolution: The impact of digital acceleration on the workplace, staffing, and management
    • Example: employee wellbeing, work-life balance, new approaches to leadership

  • Short Talk: presentations (including Q&A) of ideas or new concepts that invite further discussion (30 minutes)
  • Panel: in-depth discussion of a topic, including Q&A, with contributions from 3-4 expert contributors (60 minutes)
  • KnowledgeFest Workshops: short presentation combined with roundtable discussions using the Remo platform (90 minutes)

GALA conferences attract experienced professionals from all parts of the global language industry including developers, suppliers, and buyers of language services and technologies. Our delegates serve in many different roles and are looking for challenging, growth-oriented topics presented at an advanced level.

  • Addresses the conference theme in a clear manner
  • Fits one of the conference tracks
  • Covers a breadth and depth appropriate for an experienced, sophisticated audience
  • Contains a minimum of 3 concrete take-aways for the audience
  • Doesn’t repeat presentations from other industry conferences
  • Is not commercial or promotional