Co-organize a GALA Loc Mixer

GALA Loc Mixers are one of the many ways GALA carries out its mission to build and grow professional communities. Organizing a mixer is fun and easy! Current GALA members can follow the checklist below for important details and timelines, as well as some tips and reminders to help you plan and host a successful event.   

4-6 weeks before your mixer
  • Choose the venue. Find a restaurant, bar, or another location, which:

    • Can host at least 20-25 people

    • Does not require a space rental fee

    • Will allow everyone to pay their own tab/bill

    • Can be set up in a style conducive to networking and mingling

  • Set a date and time. For most events, you will want to plan on 2-3 hours in the early evening when people are finishing the workday. Weeknights are best.

Submit your request to host a mixer through our request form
  • The day of your mixer

  • Arrive at the venue 30 minutes in advance

  • Bring the GALA sign and a sign-in sheet and have attendees sign in

  • Take photos for GALA to share

Within one week after your mixer
  • Send photos and the final list of attendees to [email protected]
  • If inclined, write and submit a blog about your experience


GALA will provide...

Promotion and Marketing
  • Post your mixer on the GALA events calendar and feature it on the homepage
  • Send invitations to a targeted list of contacts in the area
  • Promote on GALA’s Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels
  • Mention it in GALA’s monthly update (time provided)
Registration Tracking
  • Record and track registrations/RSVPs
  • Provide you with a list of the registered attendees in advance
Post-Event Follow-up
  • Share pictures and/or blog from your mixer on GALA channels

GALA Loc Mixers are intended to be low-key, non-commercial gatherings, so we don't offer formal sponsorships. 

Contact [email protected] if you have any questions. We are here to help make your event a success.