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E.g., 07/16/2020

Debunking Myths about AI

Tuesday, 26 March, 2019 - 14:00

Artificial intelligence has become the new buzzword in the language services industry, with numerous technology vendors and LSPs proclaiming that their AI efforts will revolutionize the field. It affects organizations on different fronts: the language side with neural machine translation, the production side with expert systems that handle project functions, and the business side through advanced automation in sales and marketing tools. Providers are scrambling to keep up with the fast pace of development, to understand how it will affect their business, and how to remain relevant in a world of full of automation. In this presentation, CSA Research will present five common myths about AI along with data to dispel them. The presentation is based on the analysis of data we collect on the state of automation at language service providers and technology vendors and trends and challenges we identify in discussing implementation with early adopters. This session will help you reframe the dialog around the right questions to ask without getting tangled in misleading messages you hear out there.

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