Code of Conduct

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) is the organizer of GALA 2022 San Diego (“GALA 2022”), a globalization industry conference.
  1. By registering for and entering GALA 2022, you accept that GALA 2022 is a private and professional event, and you agree to professional and ethical conduct throughout the event, at the satellite events, and all event venues including social events such as meals, dinners, parties, or city tours.
  2. As part of professional conduct, you specifically agree to the following:
    1. Refrain from offensive, disruptive, harassing, discriminatory, or derogatory behavior, comments, or communication 
    2. Respect the privacy and the personal space (i.e. the physical area surrounding an individual which other people should not violate in order for that person to feel comfortable and secure) of all other attendees, speakers, organizers, speakers, sponsors, or other persons connected to or present at the event and its venues
    3. Refrain from openly advertising your products and services without GALA’s permission (as a rule, this requires a sponsorship contract prior to the event)
    4. Refrain from openly advertising and presenting materials of any nature at the conference venue without GALA’s prior written consent
  3. If you fail to comply with any one of the above rules, GALA has the right to remove you from the event, as well as deny your registration for any future events. In some cases, GALA may be legally required to report the incident to your employer or to local authorities.