Pre-conference Day Activities


GALA's annual conference begins officially on Sunday with the Newbie Mixer, GALA Business Meeting, and Welcome Reception. We'll also operate a pre-conference tour. For delegates looking for extra engagement, we encourage you to explore our pre-conference workshops and meet-ups earlier in the afternoon.

Sunday, 12 March, 14:00-15:30
Open to All

The results of several surveys and the recent experience of the EMT Network universities reveal that there is a drop in registrations for studies in translation and interpreting (T&I). Younger people are not seeing the attractiveness of T&I nor are they aware of the breadth of roles in the language services sector. 

It is essential that all stakeholders take steps to reverse this trend and to increase general awareness of the language industry and its importance to global communication and business.

The workshop will bring together invested partners to discuss ways to increase societal awareness of the importance the industry, and the diversity of rewarding roles available within the sector.

We will strive to answer important questions about why visibility is challenging for the profession, what can be learned from other professions, and what types of materials can be used by all stakeholders to help attract talent.

This workshop will be a collaboration of several industry associations and agencies.

Sunday, 12 March, 14:00-15:30
GALA Members Only

GALA's special interest groups and committees meet virtually year-round to advise GALA, to develop industry resources, to further professional development, and to network with peers interested in the same topics. 

This afternoon session will be an opportunity for all SIG members and Committee members to meet face to face, socialize, discuss plans, and introduce other GALA members to the groups. 

Sunday, 12 March, 17:00-18:00
Open to All

The annual GALA Business Meeting is your opportunity to learn about the state of the association and look at what is in store for the future. All delegates are welcome to join us to give feedback and ask questions.