E.g., 06/29/2020
E.g., 06/29/2020


There are three major airports in the New York metro area and a variety of options for ground transportation. Here, we'll share some useful resources to help you plan your trips to and from the airport. We strongly suggest you do a bit of advanced research and planning before you arrive.

Public Transportation

New York has many public transportation options that include buses, trains, and subways. While they are undoubtedly the cheapest option, and sometimes the fastest, they do require confidence and advanced planning, as well as at least a few transfers and some walking. If you plan to use public transportation, please research options for your particular airport-hotel combination.


The iconic New York City taxi is the one to look for. Avoid people who approach you near the baggage area and instead head to the taxi stand, where you may have to wait in a line. Taxi fares will vary depending on the time of day, the traffic, and your airport, but expect fares in the following ranges: from JFK to Brooklyn US$ 55-65 and up; from LaGuardia to Brooklyn US$ 35 and up; Newark to Brooklyn US$ 60 and up. Please note it is customary to add 10-20% gratuity to the fare at the end. 

Private Cars

Options for private cars - which can accommodate several passengers - include Groundlink (use promocode NEWYORK20 to save 20%) and the very popular Dial7. Dial7 has online coupons for airport passengers. You can also try Uber where first time visitors to New York can get a free ride and 20% off with code UBER20$$.


Shuttles are generally shared vans that make several stops. Reviews suggest that shuttles, in general, are not the most pleasant option and they also suggest avoiding GO Airlink NYC. It's best to make reservations in advance for shuttles.

Many conference delegates like to coordinate shared rides with other conference-goers once the online conference community opens in February.