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GALA Film Fest

Special thanks to our GALA Film Fest Sponsor:

The GALA Film Fest has become a lively and anticipated conference tradition.

Film Fest films showcase employees at work or at play and give us a fun and entertaining look inside industry companies. It's a unique opportunity to see a different side of your colleagues and partners. For inspiration, you can look at some of our past Film Fest videos (and winners) below.

Specifications and Submission Instructions

In creating your video, please observe the following specifications and requirements:

  • Length: no longer than 60 seconds - sorry, no exceptions!
  • Format: MP4 Compression Type (aka Codec): H.264
  • Bitrate: 3000 bytes/s (or automatic)
  • Keyframes: 24 (or automatic)
  • Resolution: between 720×576 and 1990×1080
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Deadline: 24 February 2017
  • Eligibility: the Film Fest is open to all GALA members and conference participants
  • Exclusivity: please refrain from posting your video online until after the Film Fest screening in New York
  • Advice: be creative, think outside the box, use humor, and have fun! (And avoid anything too "commercial")

Please send your video to [email protected] using your preferred file sharing application. To confirm safe receipt, or for any inquiries, please contact us. The deadline for all submissions is 24 February 2017.

GALA 2016 Film Fest:


Grand Prize ...... Terra Translations

Best Artistic Direction ...... BeatBabel

Best Ensemble ...... Conversis

Best Screenplay ...... iDisc


GALA 2015 Film Fest:


Best Film ...... Eurotradus


GALA 2014 Film Fest:


Best Film ...... SpeakLatam


GALA 2013 Film Fest:


Best Film ...... Diskusija UAB


GALA 2012 Film Fest:



Best Film ...... Digiworkers Multilingual DTP 

Best Soundtrack ...... Folio Online

Best Screenplay ...... Rubric


GALA 2011 Film Fest:


Best Film ......TSG Global (now Zinacle

Best Actor...... Gary Muddyman (Conversis)