E.g., 07/11/2020
E.g., 07/11/2020


Opening Keynote

Peter Reynolds | Executive Director, memoQ
Kit Brown-Hoekstra | Owner, Comgenesis
Richard Brooks | Chief Executive Officer, K International
Jessica Rathke |Owner, L10N Sales & Marketing
Monday, 16 March 09:00

It’s the Economy, Stupid! 2.0

Since the phrase “It’s the economy, stupid!” was first used by Bill Clinton’s election team, it has made an appearance in numerous contexts with the intention to focus us on the real issues. GALA 2020 has the theme of Globalization 4.0 and there will be a lot of talk of technology that might shape the future of the translation industry. However, it is the economy and how well we respond to business challenges which will be the defining elements of our shared future. How do we address the future economic and business climate? How can globalization teams be made more aware of and aligned with strategic focus areas in order to remain impactful and deliver business value?

This panel brings together industry leaders to discuss how to shape our business future. The first part of the discussion will feature topics the panel have decided are crucial to our business futures. In the second part panelists will answer questions posed and prioritized by the audience.

Peter Reynolds is Executive Director at memoQ and has previously worked at Idiom, Berlitz GlobalNet, Bowne Global Solution and Lionbridge. Peter has been actively involved in the development and promotion of standards for over a decade and is the convener of the ISO working group which deals with translation (ISO TC 37 SC 5 WG1). He holds and BSc and an MBA.

Kit Brown-Hoekstra is an STC Fellow and former Society President, and award-winning consultant. As Principal of Comgenesis, LLC, Kit provides consulting to her clients on localization and content strategy. She speaks at conferences worldwide and publishes regularly in industry magazines. She recently edited The Language of Localization. Her blog is www.pangaeapapers.com.

Richard Brooks is the CEO of Language Service Provider K International. He holds a dual certified MBA from Cranfield School of Management majoring in economics and finance. He has also completed and contributed to numerous educational programs worldwide and co-written several publications on topics of interest. Having spent 25 years in the language industry he is currently serving as an executive board member for Elia and is a former executive board member for the ALC.

Outside of the language industry Richard is an active investor in several technology and green startups, and an active participant in various academic societies on the topic of B2B sales and marketing.

Jessica Rathke is a sales strategist, consultant, coach and trainer for the language services industry and has helped LSP’s in 47+ countries improve sales performance. She is currently Principal at London- and Austin-based L10N Sales & Marketing. Jessica has 26 years of localization sales, management and marketing experience for leading language service providers.

Jessica holds an MBA and has Bachelor of Arts degrees in Foreign Affairs and German from Miami University in Ohio, USA . She also pursued post-graduate studies in German at the University of Salzburg.  She is currently working on the next level of coaching certification with the International Coach Academy

Closing Keynote

Kristin Quinlan | CEO, Certified Languages International
Wednesday, 18 March 11:45

I Know You, You Know Me, but Does Anyone Know Us? : Unity and Identity in the Language Industry

The global language industry is larger than the music and film industries combined, but few really understand who we are. Right now, tech companies are telling the story for us, pushing a narrative of instant communication through AI-assisted technology. That narrative weakens our businesses at every turn. It's time for the language industry to shape our own story and sell the essential message that human interaction, not technology, still forms the basis for meaningful and successful global understanding. Join Certified Languages International CEO Kristin Quinlan for a powerful call to unified action. It's time for us to reclaim the narrative and move our industry forward. The time to shape our future is now.

Brett Frischmann

Kristin Quinlan serves as CEO of Certified Languages International, a U.S. based on-demand telephone and video remote interpreting company founded in 1996.  Kristin joined the company in 1999, rising to CEO in 2006. A recognized leader known for approaching business with a unique blend of industry-wide collaboration and “bottom up” management style, she’s led CLI to be named eight times to the Fortune 500/5000 list of America’s fastest growing companies and named third among leading telephone interpreting companies worldwide.

Kristin’s commitment to the language industry earned her a position on the Association of Language Companies’ (ALC) Executive Board of Directors (2010-2014) and January 2015 was nominated to serve on the Joint National Committee for Languages (JNCL) Board of Directors in Washington DC., a national advocacy organization which raises public awareness of language as an enterprise vital to the U.S. She was recently appointed to the Board of Directors for 7000 Languages, a nonprofit that connects endangered language groups with free tools and technology to preserve their languages.