E.g., 07/13/2020
E.g., 07/13/2020

Call For Proposals

Download the Call for Proposals as a PDF | Deadline for submission: 20 September 2019

Conference Theme

Globalization 4.0: Shaping the Future of the Language Industry

A new cooperative approach “will require two things of the international community: wider engagement and heightened imagination.”
Klaus Schwab (Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum)

Conventional wisdom has it that the future of the localization industry depends on how well we adapt to new technologies. We at GALA think that our community can do more, that we can be more: instead of just adapting and adopting, we can drive the future and have a say in the creation of the processes and tools of our trade.

At GALA 2020 we will get together to define what the future of the language industry will look like. What technology do we actually need to make our work flows more efficient, deliver localized content faster, and in more languages? Which business models enable true collaboration between client and suppliers on the one hand, and multi- versus single-language suppliers on the other? What data should we collect – and how – to help us understand what delights our customers so we can better serve them? And where should localization really fit in the production process? To facilitate the discussion, we are looking for innovative session formats that will help us expand our thinking, define our needs, and lead to actionable outcomes. And we are looking for speakers who are brave and bold – speakers who dare to challenge entrenched ideas or lead sessions where they listen to and interact with the community.

As our industry is constantly evolving, a wider engagement with all stakeholders is needed. We hence call on all representatives, be they supply- or buy-side, start-up or mature business, academia or private sector, core or allied industry, language service or language technology to join this conversation. We can only build a shared future through a wider engagement with the entire international community.

Shaping the Future Tracks

  • Shaping the Future of Interpreting
  • Shaping the Future of Localization
  • Shaping the Future of Global Talent
  • Shaping the Future of Collaboration
  • Shaping the Future of Business Development
  • Shaping the Future of Technology
  • Shaping the Future of Operations Management
  • Shaping the Future of Quality

Session Levels

  • Intermediate – suitable for those with several years of industry experience.
  • Advanced – suitable for those with specializations or extensive industry experience.

Session Types

  • Interactive Panel Discussions: Long-format panel discussions that engage the audience in a dialogue around a specific topic. Three panelists are ideal. Joint representation from client and provider sides encouraged. (90 minutes)
  • Workshops: For experts who want to engage the audience in a topic through a process of discovery and exploration. (90-minutes)
  • KnowledgeFests: Long-format roundtable discussions that emphasize peer-to-peer learning and require engagement by all participants. Requires a moderator rather than a speaker. (90 minutes)
  • Talks: Presentations (including Q&A) of concepts, research and insights that promote conversation, debate, and/or curiosity. (40 minutes)
  • Short Talks: Presentations (including Q&A) of ideas or new concepts that are relevant to the industry and invite discussion. (30 minutes)
  • Other: Have an idea for a creative and engaging session type that doesn’t fit one of these categories? Fireside chat, campfire session, table teams, graffiti boards? Pitch it to us!


GALA conferences attract experienced professionals from all parts of the translation and localization industry: language services and language technology professionals, managers and directors of localization at multinational organizations, and individuals from government, research, and educational institutions. More than 40% of our audience are top-executives, and all delegates are looking for challenging, growth-oriented topics.

Selection Criteria

Proposals should:

  • Address the conference theme in a clear manner
  • Fit one of the conference tracks
  • Inform and engage the audience while encouraging collaboration among participants
  • Cover a breadth and depth appropriate for the experienced audience
  • Not repeat presentations from other industry conferences
  • Not be commercial or promotional

Submission for GALA 2020 is now closed. The deadline for proposals was 20 September 2019. Final accept/decline notifications to speakers will be sent by end of November. 

Please contact us with any questions about the GALA 2020 submission and review process.