E.g., 07/11/2020
E.g., 07/11/2020

TAPICC Activities

Sunday, 24 March: Pre-conference Workshops

All delegates are welcome and encouraged to attend. The workshops will take place at the Westin Grand Munich. 

09:00-12:00: Track 1 Working Group 4
12:00-13:00: lunch provided by GALA
13:00-16:00: Track 2 Launch and Working Group 1 Goals

Morning workshop: Join the participants of Working Group 4 (creators of the TAPICC REST specification) plus representatives from Xillio (developers of a TAPICC-compliant content integration tool) to get answers to your questions about how to create a TAPICC host, or how to make your system work with a TAPICC host. Have an idea for how to improve the TAPICC specification in its current state? This is the workshop for you!

Afternoon workshop: During the afternoon session we will introduce the concept of real-time exchange, differences from asynchronous exchange for supply-chain automation, and examine related business cases, along with the agents that could benefit from it. We will also talk about JLIFF as the standard for the real-time exchange, which is a natural continuation of the consensus achieved by the Track 1 Working Group 2, to use XLIFF2 as the bitext format. The rest of the workshop will be dedicated to T2WG1 JRARTEBU, a fork of T1WG4 API, focusing on the proposal for the API for the real-time exchange. The TAPICC Track 2 charter can be found here.

Conference registration is not required to attend the pre-conference WG meetings. If you are registered for the conference, please log in and  modify your registration to include the pre-conference workshop(s). If you are not registered for the conference, please RSVP at [email protected]. There is no cost to attend.

Monday, 25 March:  Main Conference Session

There will be a session on the main conference program addressing the progress on Track 1 deliverables and the plans for Track 2. After a short presentation, there will be an ad hoc workshop to begin planning for Track 2. 

Not familiar with TAPICC? Learn more about this open-source, collaborative industry initiative! All are encouraged to attend the WG meetings and the sessions — newbies are welcome!