E.g., 12/13/2018
E.g., 12/13/2018

Program Committee

GALA would like to thank the following individuals for their efforts in developing the educational program for GALA 2019. As volunteers, the program committee members devote time and energy working together to create a program that is relevant and useful to the broad and diverse audience represented at GALA conferences. The committee is comprised of individuals representing various sectors of the industry. GALA Board member, Sabina Jasinska, serves as the liaison with the Board of Directors. GALA's Communications Manager, Manuela Noske, leads the committee and overall program development.

Committee Members

Olga Beregovaya (Welocalize)
Shamus Dermody (XTM International)
Patrick Nunes (Rotary International)
Dave Ruane (Xplanation Language Services)
Cornelia Sittel (Salesforce)
Latha Sukumar (MCIS Language Solutions)

think! Interpreting Track

Barry S. Olsen (InterpretAmerica)
Katharine Allen (InterpretAmerica)