E.g., 07/11/2020
E.g., 07/11/2020

Pre-conference Regional Workshops

Sunday, 24 March
9:00-12:30 | Westin Grand Munich

To support regional development and to build professional communities around common languages, GALA is organizing a set of workshops with a regional or language-based focus on the pre-conference day of GALA Munich. The workshops are scheduled for the morning of Sunday, 24 March and are open to all conference delegates. There is no cost to register.

Goals for the regional meetings include:

  • Build consensus on the biggest challenges and opportunities in the region
  • Build stronger local communities through collaboration 
  • Open communication channels and relationships across regions
  • Prepare to share regional perspectives with the global GALA audience

We hope to welcome delegates from Latin America and Spanish-speaking markets, Egypt and Arabic-speaking markets, Sub-Saharan Africa, India, China, and Southeast Asia. Workshop attendance will determine which groups form. The event will be led by Gabriela Morales (Rosario Traducciones y Servicios) and Celia Korn (Korn Translations). The individual groups will discuss goals and deliverables which may include blogs, articles, and GALA webinars. We want to begin building a tradition of giving regional development a platform at GALA conferences.  

If you're doing business in the region, sourcing languages from those regions, or are simply interested in the markets, we encourage you to attend, make connections, and learn about the particular challenges that market faces. To register, please select the Regional Pre-conference Workshop during your main conference registration. You may also modify your registration if you've already registered.