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E.g., 02/17/2020

Testing Challenges in South Asian Languages

Thursday, 15 March, 2018 - 11:45

The growth of the Indian market is well known. Considering that the English language user base in India is at around 10% and that in the near-term, some Indic languages – if supported – will have more users than several European languages worldwide, many global companies are now supporting Indic languages in their products. This presentation discusses implementation and testing challenges for 10 commercially established Indic languages. Challenges exist from the enablement phase to internationalization, localization of the UI, all the way to shipping. This session decodes some of these testing challenges using linguistic and cultural rules. It also describes how the whole process of localization and linguistic testing in Indic languages can be made smooth and seamless with the help of crowd-sourcing.

Technology and Integrations, Short Talk