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SHyNE @ GALA 2018: Find Your Voice in a World That Can't Stop Talking

Wednesday, 14 March, 2018 - 16:00

If you’re someone who gets nervous walking into a room full of people, feels dread at the prospect of networking, or struggles to share the ideas, stories, and knowledge swarming in your head, then this session is for you. Malon Hamoen, Annette Lawlor, and Dave Ruane will share experiences about learning to live, work, and thrive as introverts in a world that traditionally rewards extroverts. With guidance, attendees will work in teams to develop ideas, cross-coach, and convert these ideas into presentable insights. Topics will be localization related and methods such as Design Thinking and Finding Your Why will be used. Time will be devoted to listening, sharing, practicing, prototyping, and getting feedback. Join us, and take your chance to shyne at GALA!

Dave Ruane, LanguageWire

Dave is on a mission to inspire individuals and teams in the localization industry to share their expertise and innovations so that the collective knowledge evolves and increases and how we receive and use those nuggets of inspiration gets easier. He is a regular panel moderator and founder of the Process Innovation Challenge, a platform for sharing innovation in the localization industry.

As practice leader at LanguageWire (Xplanation) he is a business advisor to enterprise customers driving localization strategies, & solution deployment. Interests include; continuous localization & agile, global content effectiveness, AI and automation, process and business evolution, knowledge distribution, and servant leadership.

Malon Hamoen-Giraldi, Ludejo

Malon is the founder of Ludejo BV, a provider of multilingual content. Ludejo offers translation and localization, as well as content creation (such as technical writing, audio production copy writing). Her educational and professional background is both varied and instructive inm getting to know what makes her tick. With a career which has included time as a professional model, director of a company importing steel from Ukraine, head of procurement for a software company (The Baan Company), in addition to time spent as a volunteer on development projects in Sierra Leone and Uganda, Malon has expressed her desire to learn and be challenged in everything she has turned her hand to. Malon has worked in management in the Localization industry since 2006.

Annette Lawlor, Lion People Global

The founder of Lion People Global, Annette Lawlor is a localization recruitment expert on a mission to make a real difference in this exciting industry. By building lasting relationships with clients, and expanding and diversifying Lion People’s service offering, Annette aims to overcome talent shortages and progress the careers of all the great localization professionals in her network. Not always a recruitment legend, Annette studied marketing in Dublin and put her sales skills to the test before discovering a passion and talent for recruitment. After only seven years as an IT and technical talent manager (agency and client-side), Annette founded Synergy Recruit in 2005. In 2013 she identified a growing need for an agency dedicated to the unique requirements of the localization industry. Lion People Global was born, and the rest is history. With a sharp eye on the localization industry, Annette is currently focused on ways to make it more visible and attractive to those outside it. And to bridge the gap between university programs and business requirements.