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Program Schedule

Conference Schedule 2017


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Preconference Day

Tuesday 13 March

Walking Tour of Boston

Pre-registration required

City tour

Orientation for New Members and First-Timers

All "newbies" welcome


Opening Reception

The official start of the conference

Social event

Day One

Wednesday 14 March

Welcome and Keynote

David DeLong (MIT AgeLab)


Developing an International Online Community for Feedback on Localized Apps, Services, and Content

Declan Coughlan and Stafford Quaid (Microsoft)

Short Talk (40 min) - technology & integrations

Enchanting and Engaging End Users with Data: Where LSPs Win Big with Customers

Jack Welde (Smartling)

Short Talk (40 min) - business & economic models

Whitelabeling:  How to Provide Remote Interpreting Services without Building Your Own Platform

Barry S. Olsen (InterpretAmerica), Matt Conger (Cadence), Giovanni Donatelli (The Language Group)

Short Talk (40 min) - think! interpreting

VideoLocalize.com—The Future of Video Localization

George Zhao (Boffin Language Group, Inc./VideoLocalize)

Short Talk (40 min) - product demo

iADDATPA and the Collaboration of Four MT Developers

Manuel Herranz (Pangeanic)

Short Talk (40 min) - technology & integrations

Globalization Preparedness: The Changing Demand for Language Services and Technology

Don DePalma (CSA Research)

Short Talk (40 min) - business & economic models

Delivering Language Services to Travelers, Wherever, Whenever, and However it Suits Them

Marcus Vaigncourt-Strallen (whym.global Ltd.)

Short Talk (40 min) - think! interpreting

Efficient Business and Workflow Management with Plunet BusinessManager

Sophie Halbeisen (Plunet)

Short Talk (40 min) - product demo

KnowledgeFest: If I Knew Then What I Know Now ...

Kristin Quinlan (Certified Languages International), Don Shin (1-Stop Asia), Britta Aagaard (Semantix)

KnowledgeFest (90 min) - executive leadership

The Rise of Big Data in Localization

Moderator:  Gabor Bessenyei (Morphologic Localisation) Panelists: Ivan Smolnikov (Smartcat), David Canek (Memsource), Marcus Danei (SAP), Jim Compton (Moravia)

Interactive Panel (90 min) - Technology & Integrations

Localization Beyond Translation: Services You'll Be Asked to Provide in the Next 3 Years

Moderator: Pedro Gomez (Microsoft) Panelists:  Georg Kirchner (Dell EMC), Ewandro Magalhaes (KUDO)

Interactive Panel (90 min) - Business & Economic Models

Translation Process Management Fueled by the memoQ Server

Lukasz Rejter (Kilgray Translation Technologies)

Short Talk (40 min) - product demo

Managing Your Translation Business: From Spreadsheets to Protemos

Volodymyr Kukharenko (Protemos)

Short Talk (40 min) - product demo

Client SIG Unconference

Alessandra Binazzi (ASICS), Marcus Danei (SAP)

KnowledgeFest (90 min)

Structured Networking Activity


Structured Networking (90 min)

SHyNE @ GALA 2018: Find Your Voice in a World That Can't Stop Talking

Dave Ruane (Xplanation), Malon Hamoen-Giraldi (Ludejo), Annette Lawlor (Lion People Global)

Workshop (90 min)

Business Valuation Methods and How To Increase Business Value

Laurence Whitehead (MHA MacIntyre Hudson LLP)

Master Class (90 min) - executive leadership

GALA Dinner and Social at Fenway Park

Pre-dinner tour of Fenway Park available for $25

Social event (included in full registration; tour additional)

Day Two

Thursday 15 March

KnowledgeFest: Paths to Leadership

Anu Carnegie-Brown (Sandberg Translation Partners), Consol Casablanca (Welocalize Life Sciences), Tuyen Ho (Welocalize)

Knowledgefest (90 min) - executive leadership

Innovative Content and Language Solutions: Transforming Digital Ecosystems to Meet Evolving Customer Needs

Shannon Zimmerman (AMPLEXOR)

Short Talk (40 min) - Digital & New Media

Built-in Quality in Cloudy Times

Rachel Liang and Susanne Hempel (SAP)

Short Talk (40 min) - quality standards

The Remote Interpretation Center: A Breakthrough Model for Providing Interpreting Services for Large-Scale Events

Andrey Moiseev (FIFA Worldcup Russia 2018)

Short Talk (40 min) - think! interpreting

Video Translations Made Easy and Profitable

Dave Bryant (Dotsub)

Short Talk (40 min) - product demo

Localization in the Age of YouTube

Haitham Wahab (CMI Media Management) and Paula Ferrari (Go-Global Consulting)

Short Talk (40 min) - digital & new Media

Translation Bureau of Canada - Quality First

Stéphan Déry (Translation Bureau of Canada)

Short Talk (40 min) - Quality standards

How to Reconcile High Interpreting Working Standards with Great Customer Experience

Muntsa Cuchí (CPSL)

Short Talk (40 min) - Think! interpreting

The SDL Online Editor for SDL Trados GroupShare is Here!

Giorgia Frizzi (SDL)

Short Talk (40 min) - product demo

Using Voice-Over and Visual Media to Speak the Local Language Anywhere

Marcus Graham (GM Voices)

Short Talk (40 min) - Digital & new media

Tracking Quality: Isn't End-user Satisfaction What Matters Most?

Rui Monteiro-Claro (beyont) and Wouter Leeuwis (Waters Corp.)

Short Talk (40 min) - quality standards

Leadership and Growth: Breaking Through the Revenue Ceiling

Gary Muddyman and Jamie Newall (Conversis)

Short Talk (40 min) - executive leadership

Discovering E-Discovery: Machine Translation and Litigation

Alex Yanishevsky (Welocalize)

Short Talk (40 min) - technology & integrations

What’s Next for Website Translation?

Balázs Benedek (Easyling / Skawa Innovation Ltd.)

Short Talk (40 min) - product demo

Brand Values and Viewer Profiles: How Viacom Blends Marketing, Sociology, and Linguistics to Win at Global Entertainment

Katarzyna Drynska (Viacom International Media Networks)

Short Talk (40 min) - Digital & New Media

Drawing the Line on Content Localization:  How Much is Too Much?

Daniel Foster (TechSmith)

Short Talk (40 min) - Quality standards

Crafting a 21st Century Human-to-Human Company Culture

Roman Zelenka and Kyle Kristoffersen (ZELENKA Translations)

Short Talk (40 min) - executive leadership

Shifting Your Organization to be More Customer Centric

Sabina Jasinska (Donnelley Financial Solutions)

Short Talk (40 min) - business & economic models

Reduce Post-Editing with Artificial Intelligence

David Canek (Memsource)

Product Demo (40 min)

Bridging the Industry Talent Gap

Moderator: Mike Klinger (Anzu Global) Panelists: Adam Wooten (MIIS/AccuLing), Jeff Beatty (BYU/Mozilla), Veronica Costea (MCIS), Oleksandr Bondarenko (Translatel)

interactive panel (90 min) - quality standards

Toward True Partnership: Upgrading the Traditional Client-Supplier Engagement Model

Moderator: Don DePalma (CSA Research), Participants: Chris Englund (Hubspot), Medhat Bassily (ADP), Camilo Munoz (Translation Source/SpanishASAP), Maria Kania-Tasak (Translations.com)

interactive Panel (90 min) - business & economic models

Stop Reinventing the Wheel! The TAPICC Pre-Standardization Initiative for Translation APIs

Klaus Fleischmann (Kaleidoscope), David Filip (ADAPT Centre), Serge Gladkoff (Logrus Global)

short talk (40 min) - technology & integrations

Languages, the C-Suite, and Society: Increasing Awareness in the U.S. and Worldwide

Moderator: Bill Rivers (JNCL), Participants: Sonia Zamborsky (Marriott), John Tessitore (American Academy of Arts & Sciences)

Panel (40 min) - executive leadership

In-Layout Proofing and Easy TM Update

Ib Tørsleff (Frontlab)

Short Talk (40 min) - product demo

TAPICC Use Case Roundtable

TAPICC Steering Committee and WG Leaders

short talk (40 min) - technology and integrations

Accelerate Collaboration and Automation - How Translation Technology Can Massively Improve the Quality, Performance, and Efficiency of Your Localisation Processes

Mareike Bouriga (Wordbee)

short talk (40 min) - product demo

Plenary Session: GALA Film Fest, Rising Star Awards, and other celebrations of our industry community


Plenary (75 min)

GALA Happy Hour


Social event (included in full registration)

Day Three

Friday 16 March

GALA Annual General Meeting


business meeting (75 min) Members and non-members welcome

How to Successfully Sell Your Business or Raise Growth Finance

Laurence Whitehead (MHA MacIntyre Hudson LLP)

Master Class (90 min) - executive leadership

The Ins and Outs of Video Localization: Knowledge, Challenges, and Opportunities

George Zhao and Jason Hu (Boffin Language Group, Inc.)

master class (90 min) - digital & New media

Balancing Global Customer Success with the Speed of Now: A Conversation with Global Content Experts

Moderator: Dave Ruane (Xplanation) Panelists: Sonia Zamborsky (Marriott), Patrick Nunes (Rotary International), Adrienne Caputo (Rapid7)

interactive panel (90 min) - business & economic models

Remote Interpreting Platforms Everywhere! Which One Do I Choose?

Barry S. Olsen (InterpretAmerica)

master class (90 min) - think! Interpreting

Closing Keynote and Conference Farewell

Phil Shawe (TransPerfect)

Plenary (75 min)

City Brew Tour

Pre-registration required

City Tour