E.g., 03/19/2019
E.g., 03/19/2019

GALA Boston Livestream

GALA is pleased to provide a members-only free livestream for 11 conference sessions! This is just one more way that you and your team benefit from GALA membership.

For non-members, this is a great time for your organization to consider joining GALA. By joining now, you and your team will have access to the livestream, as well as a host of other member benefits.

How Do I Access the Livestream?

GALA Members - to access the livestream, please join the GALA Boston Livestream members-only group on GALA Connect.  All connection information will be shared exclusively via that group.  

Please join the GALA Boston Livestream Group in advance of the conference, so you will get the link to the livestreaming page once it has been announced. Also, please note that real-time assistance during the event will be delayed, as GALA staff will have limited bandwidth for technical support.

Which Sessions Will be Included?

The following sessions will be part of the livestream. All times are in Eastern Standard Time.  If you aren't able to join the livestream, please note that almost all conference sessions will be recorded and are free for GALA members to view online shortly after the event. Please note that there is a change in plans: Jack Welde will not be able to give his presentation, so we are livestreaming the talk by Declan Coughlan and Stafford Quaid instead.  The change is reflected in the schedule below. 


9:00-10:30 Opening Keynote: Building Tomorrow's Workforce in Today's Economy
David DeLong (Smart Workforce Strategies and MIT AgeLab)
11:00-11:40 Developing an International Online Community for Feedback on Localized Apps, Services, and Content
Declan Coughlan and Stafford Quaid (Microsoft Corporation)
11:50-12:30 Globalization Preparedness: The Changing Demand for Language Services and Technology
Don DePalma (Common Sense Advisory)
14:00-15:30 The Rise of Big Data in the Localization Industry
Gabor Bessenyei (Morphologic Localisation), Ivan Smolnikov (Smartcat), Marcus Danei (SAP), Jim Compton (Moravia), David Canek (Memsource)


9:00-9:40 Built-In Quality in Cloudy Times
Rachel Liang and Susanne Hempel (SAP)
9:50-10:30 Translation Bureau of Canada - Quality First
Stéphan Déry (Translation Bureau of Canada)
11:00-11:40 Leadership and Growth: Breaking through the Revenue Ceiling
Gary Muddyman and Jamie Newall (Conversis)
11:50-12:30 Crafting a 21st-century Human-to-human Company Culture
Roman Zelenka and Kyle Kristoffersen (Zelenka Translations)
14:00-15:30 Toward True Partnership: Upgrading the Traditional Client-Supplier Engagement Model
Don DePalma (Common Sense Advisory), Chris Englund (Hubspot), Medhat Bassily (ADP), Maria Kania-Tasak (Translations.com), Camilo Munoz (Translation Source)


9:30-11:00 Balancing Global Customer Success with the Speed of Now! A Conversation with Global Content Experts
Dave Ruane (Xplanation), Sonia Zamborsky (Marriott), Patrick Nunes (Rotary International), Adrienne Caputo (Rapid7)
11:30-12:30 Closing Keynote: Tales from the Trenches
Phil Shawe (TransPerfect)