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E.g., 04/11/2020

Crafting a 21st-century Human-to-human Company Culture

Thursday, 15 March, 2018 - 11:45

ZELENKA has been in the language industry for more than 27 years and, as a family company, has always been focused on human-to-human values. This approach has resulted in excellent feedback from clients and vendors alike, and it is the company culture that has made this possible. Since company culture is unique to each company’s (or team’s) circumstances, this presentation does not offer a single recipe for building company culture, nor is it intended as “the mold” for such a process. Instead, the session sheds light on some impressive human-to-human practices used at other companies throughout the industry and shows how these practices not only add value to company services, but also contribute to their success. Regardless of size, composition, or mission, there’s something for everyone in this session.

Executive Leadership, Short Talk

Roman Zelenka, ZELENKA Translations - Your CEE Specialist

Roman is the CEO (“Chief Energy Officer”) of ZELENKA Translations, a company that his father started in the Czech Republic 30 years ago. Since taking over the company in 2007, he and his team have been pursuing a single vision: to maximize the value of translation services through close, meaningful, human-to-human relationships with their vendors and clients.

Kyle Kristoffersen, ZELENKA Translations - Your CEE Specialist

Kyle started as a linguist and English teacher in the Czech Republic in 2009. These two occupations helped him realize his true calling for helping people communicate more effectively, even if they already speak the same language. Since 2014 he has worked closely with ZELENKA Translations and other companies to help craft and improve communication styles to ensure happier workplaces and healthy company cultures.