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E.g., 04/01/2020

We Are Not Translators: Rebranding the Role of In-House Linguists

Tuesday, 28 March, 2017 - 09:45

For some it is hard to believe that large in-house teams of linguists still exist in corporations, considering the abundance of Language Service Providers nowadays. At Rotary, the in-house team not only had to find a way to stay relevant, but also change their approach by performing tasks beyond turning content from one language to another. This sessions will discuss how this transformation has occurred and what strategies were put in place to make it all happen.


Buyer/Client-side Issues, Short Talk

Patrick Nunes, Rotary International

As somebody who has been actively involved in localization for over 20 years, I am passionate about the strength of our industry and also the constant need for us to keep evolving how we position ourselves and how we do things.

From owning an LSP back in Brazil, to leading localization and interpretation programs, and many strategic global content and brand positioning initiatives, I believe the best results are accomplished when we can truly engage, inspire and activate those around us.

  • I am an inclusionist: I believe everybody has something positive to offer, no matter where you sit at the table.
  • I am a visionary: I believe that if you have your heart in the right place and the true desire to create positive impact, every vision can become reality.
  • I am curious: I believe the status quo is there to be challenged and serve as guidance for change and growth.