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E.g., 04/03/2020

Size Matters: Exploring Big Questions on Change, Innovation, and Success from a Small LSP's Point of View

Tuesday, 28 March, 2017 - 11:45

What can a relatively small LSP offer clients in the era of market concentration and language service colossi? For starters, services that the giants of the industry often cannot or will not offer, precisely due to their size. Examining this question in earnest requires touching on some of the most important - and sometimes uncomfortable - topics affecting the industry today.

This session, featuring two co-presenters from radically different backgrounds and with an important generation gap, will try to make the case for intentional, directed, and sustainable growth for small LSPs. By the end, attendees will have a better understanding of the role that small LSPs play in the current market, be able to incorporate some of the key features defining the adaptability of small LSPs into their processes, and feel good (or better) about what small LSPs can offer.


Executive Leadership and Operations, Short Talk

Burckhardt Rueffer, BeatBabel

Burckhardt grew up in Germany and the US. He holds degrees in Computer Science, Graphic and Industrial Design, as well as Social Sciences.

Throughout his professional career he has always been interested in communication across boundaries. Starting with "Visual Communication" in the 70s, his goal was to make information and content available to recipients regardless of their language or the place where they lived.

Burckhardt's first encounters with computers happened at a time when "personal computing" was still a dream. Learning RPG-II on an IBM System/32 was a task that was fascinating, challenging and rewarding. When the first "Personal Computer" was released, he was prepared ... to start learning all over again. And it soon became apparent that the need for computers that "understood" languages other than English was born, and with it the need for localization.

In the late 80s, he became the co-founder of one the industry's first localization companies. Over the years since, he has experienced first-hand the coming and going of many tools and trends that define our business.

In 2008, he co-founded BeatBabel in San Diego and continues to enjoy his passion for international communication.

Miguel Sevener, BeatBabel

Biology graduate turned translator, Miguel decided he would rather be a translator with research skills than a scientist with language skills. With both Spanish and English as his mother tongues, and a bicultural upbringing between Spain and the U.S., Miguel took the leap to translation through the Master's Degree in Intercultural Communication, Translation and Interpreting for the Public Services, where he was granted the Extraordinary Award for academic achievements.

He first met the BeatBabel team at the 2014 GALA conference in Istanbul, which he was invited to attend as the winner of the EMT Stars contest for young translators, and he joined the San Diego office later that year. His early focus was on English to Spanish translation, editing and quality assurance, where his scientific and technical accuracy came into play to ensure the utmost quality.

During the past two and a half years, he has incorporated more and more management responsibilities into his work. Today, he is BeatBabel's main liaison in Europe, managing clients and vendor teams on the old continent.