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E.g., 04/03/2020

Sales and Operations: How to Play on the Same Team

Tuesday, 28 March, 2017 - 11:00

To grow business and maintain high customer satisfaction, sales people and delivery teams need to work hand in hand. However, it is rarely a match made in heaven: sales people focus on bringing business, operational people focus on delivering projects. This session will address how to improve communications between both functions, review motivation and compensation, define what new business actually is and assess how corporate culture affects the sales/operations balance.


Sales and Marketing Strategies for LSCs, Short Talk

Véronique Özkaya

Véronique is CCO at LanguageWire, a global provider of technology and languages services headquartered in Denmark. As a member of management, she is responsible for the company’s sales, marketing and account management strategies. Prior to LanguageWire, Véronique was CEO at Xplanation. She also held senior management roles at Moravia and Lionbridge. Véronique holds a double master’s degree in International Politics and Administration. She is a former GALA Board Chair. 

Inbal Amir Cohen, ManpowerGroup

Inbal Amir Cohen Joined MGS Language Services in 1999 as a project manager and in 2012 assumed her role as Director of Operations of the Israeli Operations.

Inbal has a BA degree in Political Science & Philosophy, and a MA in Political Science and Communication.

In her 18 years in the translation & localization industry, Inbal has handled and mastered of all aspects of the business, from sales to operations, client negotiations, vendor management, etc.

In her current capacity, Inbal has focused on building the company's delivery capabilities, developed unique working methods for translation processes, and project design, expanded the company's portfolio of language solutions to include content creation, marketing & technical writing and different on-demand solutions. Inbal has developed the current vendor management system, and led the company's quality policy and methodology (ISO Certifications). 


ManpowerGroup Solutions Language Services provides a variety of translation, localization interpretation and writing services together with recruitment and placement of language specialists for global international corporations, as well as local and national companies - in 160 languages.