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Pre-conference ISEO Workshop

Helping Your Clients Reach Their Customers: International Search Engine Optimization

Date:  Sunday, 26 March 2017 | 13:00 - 17:00
Price: US$ 325 plus 21% VAT
Registration: Add this pre-conference session when you register for the main conference

140,000 new websites are created each and every day. Many of these websites will eventually get translated into multiple languages and locales. E-commerce and the ability to sell products and services on a global scale are booming. It has never been easier to tap into foreign markets. Sadly, most localization vendors don’t yet take advantage of the “low-hanging-fruit” that presents itself with any website localization project: International Search Engine Optimization (ISEO). ISEO is an excellent way to support your clients as they endeavor to expand to new markets.

Besides simply translating and localizing the content of a website, the website needs to be properly optimized for multilingual search. A newly localized website will compete against hundreds if not thousands of websites that are potentially created and hosted in the respective target country. If not properly optimized for multilingual search, the localized website may never rank well for its target keywords and phrases on Google and other search engines.

If you are offering website localization services, you simply must offer ISEO in order to differentiate yourself from your competition. Even understanding some of the most fundamental search engine optimization (SEO) and ISEO principles will allow your company to expand its offerings and better support this your clients. 

Presented by international SEO expert Chris Raulf of Boulder SEO Marketing, the half-day, hands-on, workshop will cover:

  • Setting the stage: Educating customers about the importance of ISEO
  • An introduction to the five pillars of SEO
  • Laying the foundation: Source language keyword research
  • Learn how to perform a basic SEO website audit
  • An overview of the ISEO process
  • Analyzing and pricing an ISEO project
  • How to use free Google tools to perform global market research
  • Technical ISEO considerations and best practices
  • Key to success: The profile of an ISEO aware linguist
  • Multilingual keyword research
  • The keyword mapping process
  • Multilingual content marketing and best practices
  • Multilingual off-page and link earning best practices
  • How to measure and report the results of your ISEO efforts

Chris Raulf, Boulder SEO Marketing
Chris is the founder of Boulder SEO Marketing, an SEO training and consulting agency located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. The company assists local, national as well as international clients with all of their digital marketing needs. Chris is a sought after industry expert and keynote speaker and his international background makes him one of the few professionals in the industry who truly live and breath international and multilingual search engine optimization on a daily basis. His company was recently named a “Top 30 SEO Agency Worldwide”. Learn more about Chris by following him on Twitter and by connecting with him on LinkedIn.